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Rumble Fighter is Celebrating Five Years of Fun With a New Rune Book System

Posted on July 13, 2012 AT 01:18pm

Rumble Fighters Rune Book

In gaming there are a couple of taboo terms, and those include “free-to-play” as well as “MMO.” There has been a lot of chatter about both within the past few years, with MMO games trying to find the perfect formula to keep their loyal customer bases loyal, and free-to-play games doing their best to be considered legitimate in a sea of big budget, retail boxed games. Sometimes MMOs are free-to-play and a whole new paradigm is created. It seems like the gaming world is still trying to get their sea legs on these concepts, while a game like Rumble Fighters has been around for a staggering five years in North America now.

That is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

To commemorate the fact that you can be kicking ass for free online, and have been able to for five years, the fine folks at OGPlanet are looking to pass out some incentives for players by creating a whole new “Rune Book” system. This Rune Book system will look to give players a whole new way of customizing and leveling up their characters in Rumble Fighters, from challenging other players to teaming up and taking on some bosses. So pick some crazy hair style and steampunk gear and get to kicking ass already.

On top of this, OGPlanet will be also offering community events and contests, so head on over to to find out more or to get started in the world of Rumble Planet while there are a ton of reasons to do so.

–Dave Walsh

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