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Posted on November 25, 2012 AT 06:04pm

This is a post that I must make… FOR SCIENCE!

SASS x ACCELERATION is a ‘prequel’ webseries to the upcoming independent film Quantum Theory. The film itself is about scientists Chelsea Barrington and Getrude “Roe” Monroe, who have created a quantum technology that can manipulate reality at will. The tech is ‘acquired’ by a defense contractor and the duo must steal it back. As the concept may imply, it’s not an easy task. But we’re here to… urm… get sassy.

SASS x ACCELERATION is a series of webcasts based within the storyline of Quantum Theory. Chelsea and Roe–played by America Young and Danielle K. Jones–face off in Devil’s Advocate debates of science fiction and science fact: the moon landing, time travelling police boxes, flux capacitors, and of course, quantum theory.

8 Sided Films, the production ensemble behind the film and series, has started up an IndieGogo project to gather up funding for the webseries. They’re asking for a small amount, as film projects go; $2,500 is their funding goal. It’s a Flexible Funding campaign that has only six days left and has raised $749 so far. The best part is that if you contribute, you can nominate a topic for discussion! $10 gets you a topic nomination, and a buck or more gets you in on the topic voting.

Check out their IndieGogo intro video below!

The screenwriter/director/producer Tennyson E. Stead has allowed me to read a draft of the Quantum Theory script, and if the quality of it is any indication, SASS x ACCELERATION is going to be blast! I’m looking forward to seeing both projects come to fruition!

Do you like what you see? Throw some money at them!

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