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Saturday the 14th’s Steam Sales Are Upon Us, and Life Is Good

Posted on July 14, 2012 AT 11:31am

The Steam Summer Sale continues with even more gaming goodness for us to snatch up at ridiculously low prices. Saturday the 14th brings us another eclectic grouping of action games, RPG’s and RTS’s  – so let’s take a look at what we can buy today at an extreme discount.

The fantastic Orcs Must Die! is 75% off, which grabs you by the collar of your shirt and demands a purchase.

Tropico 4 is also at a 75% off discount, which led me to snatch up this charming strategy title (I’d been waiting for this, Tropico 3 dominated my life for a month).

Everyone’s favorite FPS loot-fest Borderlands is on sale, right in time for a playthrough before Borderlands 2 comes out this September. Hard to deny Borderlands for $5.

Dirt: Showdown may not be as good as previous entries into the Codemaster flagship racing franchise, but at 50% off, lots of chuckles and high-fives to no one in particular will be in your future.

Two Worlds II is 75% off, and that’s still charging too much. Stay away. Stay far away.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 50% off, but you probably already own last year’s best RPG, and if not – what are you waiting for? New DLC is out where you can fight vampires and stuff.

The sleeper hit of last year based off the Miami bath salt zombie….Er, Borderlands meets Left 4 Dead; Dead Island is 66% off and absolutely deserves another playthrough.

Frozen Synapse rounds out the day’s sales at 80% off, and the top-down turn based strategy game is too obtuse to explain. Download the demo, you’ll probably love it, then quickly buy it for $5.

That wraps up Today’s sales, but don’t forget the Steam flash sales are going down every few hours. Right now you can pick up SWTOR for $2.50 and the entire Sam n Max collection for $12! Gah! My wallet! The pain!

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