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Sengoku Basara [Anime] Review

Posted on January 10, 2013 AT 11:03am

Sengoku Basara features opposing samurai-warriors each coming from different areas of the region. Each waring faction is trying to be supierior and overthrow the other. Peace is for the most part the goal of the waring factions though, some are merely fighting to fight. Unfortunately like all wars only one outcome can be had that is many casualties and a good amount of destruction. Loyalties become a must while companionship are often tested. Sengoku Basara samurais are faced with learning to understand the reasons behind the samurai codes, questioning what being a warrior truly means.  Characters are searching deep in themselves for the answer to one major question, “What am I fighting for? Adding in a nice touch of pondering on philosophical issues.

Visually Sengoku Basara stands tall with stunning visuals that are sure to wow most viewers. Characters are well developed artistically unfortunately the deepness is only skin deep so to speak. With no real connection felt to the characters the art does take a heavy weight of carrying the whole anime. Backgrounds stand out visually with texture but lack a full blown wow factor they do fall short of amazing. Action blows out the visuals sadly much of the actual enjoyment in the story fades. Viewers will have to take the trade off realizing they have to take the good with the bad.

Story falls short in the most awkward ways you may find yourself often times confused. Perplex ideas are presented but get befuddled with too many complications. Ideas are thrown around but never fully materilize into a full blown thought process. Fighting to enjoy the show for it’s storytelling did turn me off a bit but the action again pulled me back in. If you can look past the fact that too many things are going on at once Sengoku Basara could be an enjoyable foray into the anime world.

Anime fans not looking to invest much time into the story but want an action based show will feel right at home. Blood, gore and fighting are sure to please visually. Luckily for Sengoku Basara even though the story does have flaws the anime as a whole does stand up for fans. Benefiting from a video game that blazed the way Sengoku does have a following. Newcomers to the series may feel a bit overwhelmed with the story or find themselves disappointed if only buying for the story. Renting may be the best option for those wanting to get a taste of what Sengoku Basara has to offer.


Sengoku Basara may not be the anime that revolutionizes viewing, it may not be for everyone. It does one thing very well that is action. Visually it stuns letting viewers know it is coming out swinging. Sadly the story does distract from the overall enjoyment that is Sengoku Basara. Die hard anime fans may not feel satiated by what is offered. If you do pick up Sengoku Basara be sure to view it with a grain of salt.

The Good: Action splattered blood fun fest.

The Bad: Story unfortunately falls short to action

The Ugly: N/A

Score: 8.0

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