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Sewer Escape [iOS] Review

Posted on July 16, 2013 AT 12:25pm

Imagine if you would you are trapped like hamsters in a super secret underground lab.Inside your peanut sized mind anything looks edible making a tasty treat. Not much for routine your day consist of sleeping and eating. Strolling out of the cage glowing green ooze catches your eye, not that you can actually see the color. Soon you will find out what is in store as you start munching on some nuclear waste down in the sewer. Sure sounds like a start to a great television show, but turtles have been there and done that. No this is actually the start of a game called Sewer Escape. WitchHut games brings this zany concept to your Apple device for some noxious fume filled fun. Your goal escape the sewer in any way possible while using some neat toys to do so.

Escaping the laboratory of the crazy scientist Dr. Madbrain, Kenny, Al and Bert accidentally consume a radioactive sludge that grants Al and Bert a never before seen intellect. Armed with smarts, creativity and motivation, the hamsters set their sights on escaping their underground lair and reaching the freedom above the city’s skyline.
Starting in the sludge your goal will be to use any means possible to vault yourself into the skyline. Escape is not only an option but your only hope for a semi normal life. Now the question is do you have what it takes to no longer be sewer slum?

Play is simplistic in nature everything you will do is done with the tap of a finger. Learning curve is low so even a younger child would be able to understand the concept of how to play. Your goal is to fling said hamster as high as possible with hopes to launch him from the lower levels up into the high city skyline

Sewer Escape – New York Features
- 13 funny characters to meet
- 25 crazy inventions to improve one’s performance
- 5 extreme power-ups
- 40 glorious trophies to collect
- 5 different play zones to discover and explore

Score: B+

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Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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