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Ready Your Rocket Launchers: ShootMania – Storm Available for Pre-Order

Posted on July 12, 2012 AT 12:20pm

ShootMania - Storm

 Let’s be honest here; First Person Shooters have changed a lot in the past ten years, since consoles became the home for many of the biggest series in the genre. If you follow or care about gaming even a little bit, you are well aware of the Battlefield or Call of Duty series of games, which are huge blockbusters, but you might be looking for something new. The folks at Ubisoft are trying something new, and they are calling out to gamers of the past who saw FPS games as a means of competition with ShootMania – Storm.

Long before players were firing up their big black box with a green dot on it and playing Halo online obsessively, gamers were spending countless hours playing games like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3: Arena. The concern was not about the special effects or celebrity voice overs, but instead loading up your game and fragging everyone on your screen into dust with a rocket launcher. Those, as they say, were the days.

Ubisoft’s ShootMania – Storm is aptly titled in this department, as it is a game about blasting people to smithereens. They are looking to bring back to the good old days where all you needed was a rocket launcher, some spaced-out maps and the competition of some people who fragged and moved on to their next target. A breath of fresh air in a world where the victor tends to repeatedly crouch over their fallen foes’ heads while the victim looks on, helplessly, awaiting a respawn.

So if you are a fan of blasting people to bits, or feel like now is the time to start, Ubisoft is offering a generous 20% off discount for those that pre-order now, as well as Beta access and future updates. Head over to the ShootMania page ( and do yourself a favor and pre-order, as well as read up on everything that is ShootMania – Storm.

–Dave Walsh

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