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Sick of Hackers Ruining Your DayZ Fun? Try Out ‘Escape From Chernarus’.

Posted on September 20, 2012 AT 03:57pm

Your fun in Chernarus doesn’t have to begin and end dodging bandits and zombies. If you’ve been dropped from the sky and unceremoniously killed after days of hard work and survival and are sick of the hackers that are seemingly everywhere in DayZ, you have to try out Escape From Chernarus. It’s fantastic – you and up to eight of your friends start out weaponless and under guard in a randomized outdoor prison. A judo chop (or heart attack) later and you need to quickly grab your guard’s weapons and make your daring escape. Once you and your POW buddies take out the rest of the guards surrounding the prison, you have about 90 seconds to gear up and get the **** out of dodge before helicopters and backup arrives. The goal is simple, but the execution is near impossible: get to a comm station, hijack it and call in the cavalry to perform airstrikes and get you out of there with military boats that meet you on the beach.

Teams of commandos are out to hunt you down and keep you in Chernarus – dead or alive. They are dropped from helicopters, armor rumbles down the familiar roadways of DayZ’s home-level and a living, breathing world populates it. Problems will arise on the fly, but so will solutions. Want to kill that civilian and take his car? Go for it. Want to play it like Metal Gear GTA? You can. You really can. Check out the great trailer for the mod below.

Download the mod and follow the simple installation instructions here.

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