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Sony PlayStation 4 Officially Announced – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Posted on February 20, 2013 AT 07:39pm

Today, as many people anticipated, Sony released information on their next generation console: the PlayStation 4. The two hour long broadcast detailed a lot of key points and in case you missed it, or weren’t able to check it out here are the details and main headlines.

The DualShock 4 is indeed the controller that was leaked about a week ago. It has a touchpad, rumble functionality, dedicated share button, headphone jack, and a light bar used to uniquely identify players. The analog sticks were also improved as well as a lower latency rate.  The PlayStation 4 will use supercharged architecture including an enhanced GPU, 8GB high speed RAM and a local hard disk drive. The console will support a suspend mode just by pressing the power button. Downloaded digital titles over the PlayStation Store and played even while they are being downloaded with a secondary chip that supports uploads and downloads.

The PlayStation 4 will also focus on social play. With the dedicated share button, users will have the ability to share their gameplay immediately to social networks like FaceBook and Ustream. The PS4 will enable you to broadcast your game right as it’s happening in real time. The PlayStation GUI and Network have both been completely revamped and are being described as what Sony calls, “the fastest and most powerful gaming network in the world”. Partnered with Gaikai, their goal is to create free exploration possible for every game on the PlayStation Store but only purchase what you love. The PlayStation Vita will be the ultimate companion with the PS4 as games can be instantly played via remote play. Sony says their long term goal is to make every PlayStation 4 game playable on the Vita using Wifi. In addition, a PlayStation Cloud Service was announced which will roll out in phases. Sony stated that it will change the way we play games. Their vision: “everything, everywhere”.


Multiple games were shown off at this event both new and ones we already knew about. One that really stood out during the event was Guerrilla Games. They announced an addition to their Killzone series titled, Killzone Shadow Fall. As first footage emerged of the game it was without a doubt one of the most stunning visual games ever shown for a console in my opinion. The gameplay was very smooth as well.

Other games that were announced include DriveClub – a racing game that involves creating a club amongst your friends and racing together as a team, InFamous: The Second Son, and from the markers of Braid, The Witness. All of these titles are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console. Quantic Dream, and Media Molecule were also at the show to show off some real time renders of what they were working on as well.



Multiple third party publishers showed up to the PlayStation 2013 event as well to show their support. Capcom, Activision, Square Enix (who briefly announced they are working on a new Final Fantasy title), and Ubisoft all showed their support. Ubisoft showed off a very impressive demo of their game Watch_Dogs which is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 originally shown off at the E3 2012 show last June.


Sony then had a couple more surprise announcements for the audience. Blizzard came to the stage to discuss their ‘strategic partnership’ with Sony, and that Diablo III was indeed coming for not only the PlayStation 4 but also the PlayStation 3. Blizzard was said to reworking the controls to work perfectly on the DualShock 3 & 4 controllers and the game will include a new co-op mode for up to four players on one screen. Bungie showed up to the party as well and announced that Destiny will be coming to the PlayStation 3 & 4 consoles at launch. Sony will also have exclusive content for Destiny when it’s released.

A few things that weren’t announced during this press event was a price. The actual full date for the PlayStation 4 was not announced; only a time frame. Gamers can expect to get their hands on the console in time for the holidays as it’s set for a Holiday 2013 release. There’s also a lot of speculation around the Internet about what the price for the PlayStation 4 will be when launched but it wasn’t formally announced by Sony. Also, in a more curious move by Sony, the actual look of the PlayStation 4 was not shown. The specs were all available but no physical description or anything regarding what the console will actually look like. In any case, as soon as those two figures and facts are revealed we’ll have that info for you here on DigitalNoob. So all in all, what did you think of Sony’s PlayStation 2013 Conference? Impressed? Wanted to see more? Will you buy a PlayStation 4 at launch? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know what you think.

Albert Perkins is one of the journalists writing for DigitalNoob, and also co-hosts & produces The Weekly Beat Podcast on DigitalNoob. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. You can follow him on Twitter @AlbertPerkins.

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