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Stein’s Gate [Anime] Review

Posted on November 27, 2012 AT 08:10pm

Steins; Gate follows the story of Rintaro Okabe, an eccentric young man who leads the “Future Gadget Laboratory”, a group that consists of himself, a hacker named Itaru and a girl who works at a cat girl/maid café named Mayuri. Rintaro fancies himself a mad scientist and one of his devices is a supped up microwave with a cell phone attached that seems to turn bananas into gelatin and may in fact be a time machine. Rintaro will try and use his power of time travel to better the outcome of certain situations.  During some point an evil corporation SERN will come into play trying to control time travel.

Steins; Gate originally came in the form of a visual novel releasing on the PC, Xbox 360 and PSP. Turning to the anime it closely follows it’s visual novel counter-part and gives plenty of suspense, mystery, comedy and science fiction at an easy going pace for the first few episodes.  Every episode keeps the viewers entertained through the actions of characters or crucial plot points, as the story progress the show steadily becomes more and more serious. Okabe Rintaro embarks on a journey to save the life of his childhood friend and get back to his original world line, the alpha world line.

Story in Steins; Gate quickly delves straight into insanity before you can even catch your breath. Right from scene 1 you will be left with a “what the fuck look on your face”. Though the story can at first feel like it is dragging along it does take a bit to fully develop. Viewers may be lost for a good chunk of the anime ride until they can grasp what is really happening. My first viewing I was watching a few extra times just to make sure I was understanding what was going on. Starting out already in a loop Steins; Gate does smooth every thing out in later chapters. Though it may feel a bit bumpy from the start Steins; Gate hashes out a beautiful story. It was surely one of those anime’s that knew what it wanted to give to its viewers. Delivering a unique experience to the time travel type media, one you wont soon forget.

Visually Steins; Gate powers through the ideals of traditional anime movies. Graphics, colors and the over all feel of the visuals worked towards drawing you into the story. Picture quality of the DVD version is clear, bright and colorful and shifts to forbiddingly dark nicely. Right from the opening scene to the last scene visuals pop wonderfully. The characters all have unique designs that seem to fit well with their personality types. Each character feels like a representation of a real person you would meet on the street. Steins; Gate does well of pulling you into the story by pulling you first into the visuals. Adding into the overall experience music completes the overall package. It may not add much into the whole experience but it is icing to the overall cake. Voice acting is where Steins; Gate shines the voice actors used push the whole feel of the DVD over the top.

SUMMARY: Steins; Gate even with the confusion involved becomes a very enjoyable experience overall. Finding yourself a bit confused at first you will soon be enthralled. Add in a story that captures the imagination, quickly you will see why Steins; Gate will become one of your favorite animes as well. Building on more then just the story enveloping yourself into the action, insanity and crazy that is Steins; Gate is easy.

  • THE GOOD: Amazing characters backing a full bodied story
  • THE BAD: Slow from the start but does pick up soon enough
  • THE UGLY: Does make you go what the fuck, not ugly in a bad way just confusing

Score: 9.5/10

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