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SwiftKey Flow Beta Impressions

Posted on December 7, 2012 AT 01:08pm

Yesterday, my favorite third party keyboard for Android lifted the vale on their new project, SwiftKey Flow. Before Flow, SwiftKey 3 was (and still is) a powerhouse in terms of predictive text and overall quality of the entire typing experience. What the team behind the keyboard has added is gesture based typing, or similar functionality to the other third party keyboard, Swipe. However, it seems that the development team knew mimicking something that has already been done wouldn’t be enough. They’ve added the ability to gesture type an entire sentence, as long as you slide your way to the space bar between words.

Overall, it feels great. I found myself using the Flow feature combined to the usual two finger approach with results being much better than usual. What surprised me more than anything was the accuracy of the predictive text while trying to gesture type out entire sentences. The SwiftKey team has done a tremendous job on the keyboard so far, and it seems that they’re on another level in terms of typing. With the addition of gesture based typing, it’s hard to see how another keyboard will be able to remove me from SwiftKey, but I’m always ready to try new options. And hey, the stock Android option isn’t far behind, either.

Are you in the SwiftKey Flow beta? Let us know what you think.

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