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Tell a Tale Winners!

Posted on March 10, 2013 AT 03:41pm

Many adventurers have crossed the path into the world of gold, glory, and, well, other things, but only a few have songs written about them. Now, you may ask, just why would anyone risk their lives for such a thing? What causes someone to do such a thing? Well, let’s take a look at five adventures and and a quick glace at the road they traveled to get here.

In no particular order:

Raising Hell, not just because it’s fun, but it’s in his blood, the tiefling Warlock Mordacai Vincelian stands at 5’11 with a thin frame of one hundred and fifty pounds. His long black hair hair mostly pulled back into a ponytail while some falls into his eyes. Red scales  with black splotches run down his neck with black lines running back up to his eyes. A ragged and old scale armor and thick cloak cover his scarred body, his hood doing its best to hide his horns. When he smiles, his cracked yet frighteningly pointed teeth are quite noticeable. Lashed to his back is a scythe, arcane energy arcing off of it. Being the spawn of a demon and a whore, Mordacai spent most of his time on the streets, alone, until he found his way into an orphanage. That is where the fun began. Making a pack with Nureul, costing him is mortal soul, the tiefling flexed his new found warlock powers, quickly finding himself back on the streets, taking up small jobs as a thief or assassin, enough to just live. Now, he’s got a small arsenal, the disdain for mortal life, and a quest to cause as much pain and suffering as he can.  (Logan G.)

Next, we find a quiet halfling assassin but the name of The Sphinx. Standing at an amazing 3′ tall and thirty three pounds (or as he put it, three fruit tree stumps), The Sphinx can usually be found wearing a brown cloak and a hood to cover his brown eyes and five o’clock shadow, his black hair poking out ever so often. With a kilt looking bottom and sandals, don’t dare make a comment about how he looks or you could find a crossbow bolt through your throat. If that’s not the way he chooses to end you, a dagger or scimitar might be the end of your life. His history is shrouded in mystery but legends say that he was just found by a camp of assassins, training the halfling as one of their own, only to have a warring band of thieves steal him away, teaching him everything they knew, and he turned out to be the best in the guild. Legend has it that one night, during a massive dinner, he murdered every one of the thieves, stole their most precious possessions, and walked into the assassin’s guild, threw a dagger through the throat of the leader, and claimed the throne all before the age of thirteen. As time wore on, the assassins guild simply disappeared after many years lead by the young ruler. Now, he wanders, searching for something or someone. What is it? He’ll only confide in one person he trusts the most; a person he has yet to meet… (Dusty Wright)

Once, a Drow wandered into that bar that the half giant owned. Despite claiming to be a bard, Xevdarii Do’Ana had the look of a rogue; dressed head to toe in leather with a high collared strapped leather vest and pants, with matching knee high, heeled boots, covered in daggers with many that were probably hidden, the innkeeper had taken note to the two whips on each hip, something that looked like a lock picking set, and the red-lensed goggles that sat on top of his shaggy, slightly disheveled white hair, the innkeeper knew what he was looking at. The dark elf barely stood at 5’3″ and maybe hundred pounds soaking wet and naked. His long ears parted through his hair, pierced several times, with silver snake bite piercings in his bottom lip. His chin face was adorn with a goatee but it was clear he hadn’t trimmed in some time. When he did speak of why he left his home of Ched Nasad (not Menizobarren as many would presume), he favored his survival over loyalty to his family though being the male middle child with an older brother with an superiority complex, and a younger sister with a Goddess complex made the choice easier. Now, when he was asked what the bards will sing of him, he simply stated, “They will sing hymns.” It is noted that the innkeeper did all he could not to laugh. (Nicole V.)

With bright blonde hair, shining blue eyes, and a pretty face, Repth Dawnflash was the perfect woman to sell you your own soul with a smile. Brains and beauty came together and worked well for Repth, for being able to be a successful merchant was key to her survival. Raised by her father, a merchant himself, he earned a little too much money for a simple merchant, despite the fact that he was good at what he did. At night, he would done a mask that looked like a clown’s face, with near slits for eyes and a large, exaggerated smile. Whenever he put the mask on, he went from the smooth talking merchant she knew to a nearly uncatchable master thief; whether or not the mask was magical, she never knew. When rumors of a masked thief started to float around, they knew it was time to move onto the next town. He never killed anyone, and stressed that point to his daughter until his sudden disappearance, leaving behind his mask, dirk, and cloak with a hastily written note saying she was more than capable of fending for herself, having learned everything her father knew. Something wasn’t right, but Repth took his place, selling by day, stealing by night, her goal to find out exactly why her father left. (James K.)

The final adventurer has a much darker past, though not everything was always grim and dreary. Vahcivent Uldross, a young human boy had a bright future once. His parents, being professors of abjuration at the Arabel Academy of Wizardry, were brilliant in their field, and accepted by their elven peers, embraced by them even. He would have followed in their footsteps if not for the Lord of Cormyr, who drafted his family, and the rest of the wizards from the school, into a war, where they were slaughtered despite their skill. Sold as a slave at the age of six, his new legal guardians were a couple of half orcs who used them as their personal servant, having him wait on them hand and foot. After being beaten with a chain one night, he was visited by a dark being, one that unnerved him greatly, but promised him power, power to strike down his “parents” and to take revenge for his real ones. The cost: a shred of his soul for every soul he claimed with his new powers for Orcus, Prince of Undeath, until his soul was claimed completely and he would be given eternal life and unimaginable powers. Vahcivent struck down his “parents”, and soon found exactly what powers he had and what awaited him at the end of his soul: Lichdom. The dead follow him around everywhere he goes, this thin, pale man, dressed in white robes, though the material is filthy and etched with creatures he has no knowledge of. His pale olive green eyes and his rich, but thinning, red hair are a stark contrast of his figure, just standing around 5’7″. It is not known exactly what has become of him, but he now goes by the name of Vahcivent the Pure. (Justin W.)


That’s it! These are our five winning entries! If you wish to read the original entries, head over to here to check them out. With as many as we got, picking five was hard, but sacrifices must be made sometimes! Each will get a reprint of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Unearth Arcana as their prize! Prizes will be shipped out soon and thank you again to Mark over at Wizards of the Coast for providing DigitalNoob to run such an awesome contest.

Subscribe to the site, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on any contests in the future! From all of us here on the site, good luck and good hunting!

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