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The 10: Game Deaths of This Generation (Spoilers)

Posted on May 21, 2012 AT 03:08pm

We are not saying these are the best deaths. These are the deaths that we have chosen as our preference. The deaths that have made us laugh, made us cry or we just found entertaining. Share in the comments what deaths had an impact on you.

And needless to say, this post contains SPOILERS throughout. So read at your own risk.

10. Isaac’s Many Deaths – Dead Space 1 & 2

During a time when the Resident Evil franchise became more action than horror, this brutal slice of survival horror found its way onto consoles.  An intriguing story, mysterious characters, and enemies that would make the Xenomorphs hide in the vents, even when a game is this horrific, a little sadistic comedy can be found. By this, I mean letting the Necromorphs tear you limb from limb, spitting out your guts and throwing your lifeless corpse into the vacuum of space.

9. Psychotic Prankster – Fallout 3

This one is a bit of a cheeky entry in that the psychotic Prankster is an achievement for being just that: a prankster that has psychotic tendencies. What isn’t fun about putting a grenade in someone’s pocket then, without them realizing what’s going on, their eyeball flies past your face? Doing this is so much fun and quickly becomes dangerously addictive. Let the limbs fly, it’s time to pull those pins and burn those pockets!

8. Vampire Lord in Castlevania Lords of Shadow

This death is the very definition of overkill. Gabriel, at this point in the game, doesn’t hold back. He toys with Carmilla, the second Lord of Shadow as she turns into a giant vampiric demon. As she tries in vain to escape, Gabriel uses the chain of his combat cross to impale her and sends her fleeing to the skies with Gabriel following. Things look for a second to be not going too well for our hero but he takes hold and pulls her onto the spire of the castle tower. The tower collapses, both combatants lie disorientated on the floor. In a last act, Gabriel drives his cross into the Lord of Shadow, ending her completely.

7. Jenny from The Darkness

As if being possessed by a demonic presence isn’t bad enough, a few unruly members of the mob take your girl hostage. You chase those certain expletives down, and just as your girl seems within your grasp, you peek through the looking glass. Jenny is there hoping you save her, but it’s not to be. She gets a bullet through the brain, there is nothing you can do as you stand there powerless. The love of your life is dead, those who have taken her have however made one mistake…. they haven’t realized you have nothing to lose.

6. Wesker – Resident Evil 5

This man seriously refuses to stay down, I mean, what does it take for him to eventually die?! Well, it takes him to turn into some mangled mutant that makes John Merrick looks like a pretty boy. After a pretty cool quicktime event in the cargo hold of an aircraft, Wesker flies around like a blonde Neo, taking our heroes to town; if you press the wrong button, he snaps your neck in a flash. The fight proceeds to the crater of a volcano, and all seems lost until a convenient cutscene starts rolling. Shiva and Chris try to escape, with lava seemingly having no effect on the villain, his tentacles pulling and twisting at the helicopter. It takes two well placed RPG’s to dispatch the pesky fiend and finish the job.

5. Paulie – The Darkness

Like a samurai standing over your sworn enemy, after Paulie is shot, Jackie is moments from avenging his loved one. The Darkness taunts you to take his life as you stand over your prey and then it takes hold. The thirst for revenge takes over, this is the final step of what has been your purpose. That cold dish is going be served for dinner now.

4. Mordin – Mass Effect 3

“Someone else might have gotten it wrong”. That line is etched into my brain like a hot metal brand. After the mind is blown witnessing a Reaper being taken down by a huge Thresher Maw, the emotional bar of this game hits a new high. Many times the topic of the genophage has seen much debate, and it’s now that the final decision can be made. Mordin Solus makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes it upon himself to cure the Krogan of an age old plight. His death is a huge moment not only in this game but the entire franchise, as the actions of one saved future generations.

3. Your Own Death – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

In many first person shooters, the status quo was to be a part of battles, see your teammates die but ultimately you are the one to survive. This theory was turned on its head, then slapped back in your face. After a fierce battle to go in to rescue a downed pilot, you board the Chinook, hoping safety is at hand. That is until a nuke goes off. The helicopter starts to crash and the screen goes black. That should of been enough to tell you you’re dead alas, it was not to be. You awaken to a scene of devastation, buildings are collapsing, in the distance the mushroom cloud can be seen. This is last thing you see as this soldier as the screen blurs then eventually going dark.

2. Admiral Anderson – Mass Effect 3

Another death from the epic space saga from Bioware. Broken, exhausted and at Death’s door, Commander Shepard has mustered all his strength to get to this point. The Illusive Man is dead, Anderson wounded and Shepard is unsure as to what to do next. Both heroes take a seat accepting defeat and it’s in this moment of irony that they have a moment of peace. Anderson tell Shepard that it was an honour serving with him, and that he is proud of him. The camera pulls away with the silhouette of Anderson signifying only one thing: that he has fallen.

1. John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

The impact of this death still weighs heavily upon me, like a runaway train of emotion, it simply will not end. John travels far and wide in the hopes he can find the men who betrayed him, thus being free of the law who are using him for their own ends. John eventually finds the men, kills them or has them locked up, and is seemingly finally able to settle down with his family. After a few ‘missions’ getting to know your son, living the American dream, those federal agents come back for some unfinished business. After a vain attempt at defending the ranch, the Marstens flee to the barn. John has his family ride away to safety while he makes an ill-fated last stand. The doors open, time slows, you make as many shots as you can. It’s no use, John gets shot to Hell. However, the beauty of this is that you play as his son some years later and you’re able to get your own back on the agent responsible. If you’re sadistic like me, you can also end his wife and brother. I wasn’t redeemed but damn, I was satisfied that the son of a bitch was killed.

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