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The 10: Why Nintendo Is Still Important

Posted on June 21, 2012 AT 09:09pm

Nintendo has fallen by the wayside over the years, with the other two main console developers, Microsoft and Sony, gaining ground with the main core of gamers because of making games with more appeal to gamers of the main age demographic. That doesn’t mean Nintendo still isn’t important. They may get fully pushed out of the console game if the trend continues, Nintendo should never be counted out, for various reasons, such as the ten listed below.

10. Shigeru Miyamoto

Having a developer like Miyamoto on your team will always help your company stay in the game. With iconic franchises such as Mario, The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox under his belt, it’s hard to argue about the importance and longevity of a company when a legendary developer is on your side.

9. Social Gaming

With online gaming and voice chat becoming more and more common as time passes, Nintendo has stuck to their guns and continued to create titles that feature something that many may have forgotten ever existed: Playing games with someone else, while they are sitting right next to you. The popularity of games such as Mario Party and Wii Sports have shown that people, despite evidence to the contrary, people actually don’t mind seeing one another. Especially if those people are making awkward movements while trying to bowl or play tennis.

8. Third Party Development

Microsoft and Sony may have more third-party developers on board, making great games for their consoles. While Nintendo does many of their titles in-house, they have become known as almost a dream company to develop third-party content for. With innovative technology and peripherals at their disposal, many developers enjoy creating content, if only to see what they can do with Nintendo’s tech.

7. Family Appeal

If Xbox Live and the Playstation Network have shown anything, it’s that people, as a whole, can be pretty crude. The amount of trash talk that is heard though party chat is staggering at some points, and is usually profanity-laden. Nintendo, however, is known as a more family friendly company, which has become a major market for them over the last console generation. Parents could trust their children on the Wii, but are wary of even letting them know Xbox Live’s party system even exists, and for good reason.

6. Title Longevity

It’s hard to argue with Nintendo’s staying power when it comes to their games. Reboots, mash-ups, and sequel upon sequel, Nintendo is great at continuing to release content with some of their biggest stars. While Mario Party 17 doesn’t sound too appealing, that means people actually bought the first 16 titles, prompting them to make more. That’s pretty impressive.

5. First Party Development

While third-party developers have a field day with Nintendo’s tech, their strongest point is releasing games through their own studios. Titles such as Mario, Metriod, Zelda, and more are known as terrific franchises, and are developed in-house. While other developers may have stars who are on the rise such as Master Chief and Kratos,  Fox McCloud and Donkey Kong aren’t going anywhere.

4. Handheld Market

The dominant force in the market over the years, Nintendo’s handheld devices have beaten out many that have attempted to bring them down a peg. While that has yet to be seen with Playstation’s Vita handheld, their PSP, which was supposed to supplant Nintendo’s DS as the leading handheld gaming device, well, didn’t even come close. Even if their main consoles fall short later on, their handhelds are still a very strong piece of hardware for Nintendo.

3. Exclusives

Giving it ten seconds of thought, most gamers can name at least five Nintendo exclusives. Giving it another ten seconds, many gamers may struggle to do the same for Microsoft and Sony. While they’ve also had a longer time frame to do so, having a long list of legendary characters and titles that are instantly recognizable makes it a lot easier to stay in the broad picture of console developers.

2.  Fan Base

Having a loyal fan base is the most important thing to keeping a company running. When companies have customers who keep coming back over and over for content are doing something right, and Nintendo has one of the most loyal fans bases not only in gaming, but as a whole. They have gamers who have played Nintendo nearly exclusively their entire lives, getting console after console, game after game, for years. That has to say something.

1. Innovation

The biggest strength Nintendo has is their ability to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Before wireless controllers were common, Nintendo released the Wavebird controller. Before motion gaming was on every console, Nintendo released an entire system dedicated to it. With 3-D technology on the rise, Nintendo, once again, released a handheld boasting 3-D tech. Not to mention their peripherals, such as the Light Gun, the Power Glove, and many others. While they may not always have the best graphics, games or sales, every console for every generation for the last twenty years has looked to Nintendo to see where the gaming market is going.

That’s it for this edition of the 10! Questions, comments, trolling? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the section below. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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