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The 10′s: Games That Deserve a Sequel or a Reboot

Posted on June 25, 2012 AT 04:26pm

There are a lot of games out there for gamers to enjoy. Some games gamers hold closer to the heart and some of those games definitely deserve either a sequel or a reboot. Alas, in the midst of financial hardships, studios closing down, and people being laid off, some games are not getting the attention they deserve. With that being said, here are some of the games that I think deserve either a sequel or a reboot.

Disclaimer: Instead of just listing ten games in a random order, I’m going to list five games that need a reboot and five games that deserve a sequel. Think it will keep this article a bit cleaner.

Five Games that Deserve a Sequel

1) Chrono Trigger- As one of the best RPG’s of all time, you’d think it would get a sequel but no! Instead we got Chrono Cross which is a spin off at best. Chrono Trigger had everything and more to make a good RPG spectacular. It’s a game that takes place across the entire fabric of time itself. The player is cast into a beautiful world and makes an attempt at electronic teleportation, which seemingly breaches the fabric of time, throwing a varied cast of beings into a complex effort to repair the threads of causality. The game had engaging characters, a complex story line, and innovative battles so why not make a sequel?

2) Chrono Cross- Yes, Chrono Cross needs a sequel as well. Ever since Chrono Cross, there hasn’t been another Chrono game to grace our consoles or relinquish the tides of fate when going back and forth through time. What made it so great was that it was distinguished enough from Chrono Trigger while still retaining many of the elements that made the original great – like interesting side characters, the ability to skip battles, multiple endings, and an excellent storyline and music. Again, Square Enix, fans want another Chrono game!

3) XIII-This cell-shaded first person shooter had everything needed to be a great game, but sadly lacked polish.  The game’s classic health pack based first person shooter gameplay mixed with its stylized comic book art style really made this game stand out from the rest. Even the smallest details, like the huge words like BOOM and BANG that popped up on the screen whenever an explosion went off really help to create and complete the overall ascetic look and feel of the game. Sadly though, the game did not live up to the hype it had built up while in development, and became a commercial flop, leaving its cliffhanger ending unresolved.

4) Eternal Darkness- Most people I know have had their fill of the action-horror genre with games like Resident Evil and Dead Space but I want one more. I want a sequel to Eternal Darkness. Eternal Darkness, however, amazingly had both of those in equal abundance, with its sanity meter being its biggest draw. Sanity’s Requiem has a beautifully told story to boot, with each “stage” effectively functioning as another chapter in the Roivas family history. It was a game that begged for a sequel, and it was even promised for a while, but we haven’t seen anything from it since.

5) Shenmue- Shenmue is probably the biggest disappointment of all time. What was meant to be a sixteen chapter game slowly turned into two games encompassing only a handful of chapters. Shenmue made the Dreamcast and when the first sequel made it onto Xbox, the series was just done for.

Five Games that Deserve a Reboot

1) Resident Evil- It seems like Resident Evil is getting less scary with every iteration. Now, Resident Evil 4 was still pretty suspenseful, and the ambiance was amazing, but Resident Evil 5 wasn’t creepy at all. We think it’s time for Capcom’s survival horror series to go back to its roots and offer some creepy environments and thrilling gameplay. Give us cramped corridors and hordes of zombies. Give us terrifying beasts and multiple paths. Give us the Nemesis! We’d be lying if we said Resident Evil wasn’t awesome, because it really is. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s still incredible and completely enthralling, but as a survival horror series, it needs some serious sprucing up.

2) Road Rash- I don’t play racing games all that often, but Road Rash has always held a special place in my heart. Road Rash was one of the first successful games to combine the fast-paced elements of a racing game with fighting elements. The gameplay combination worked naturally and became a fixture of the late 16-bit and early 32-bit eras. In Road Rash, players could fight other bikers with a variety of hand weapons while competing in a race where crashes actually make a huge difference in your time. The weapons in Road Rash were wide-ranging, but who can forget the cattle prod?! Fights between riders would often result in the loser flying off their bike at high speeds through traffic, pedestrians and roadside obstacles, with the victor gaining place and the loser sustaining bike damage, losing time, and increased chances of getting busted by the police. Coming from EA, you would think they would reboot this serious money maker but they won’t.

3) Half-Life- By mean reboot I mean, the Halo CE Anniversary Edition kind of reboot. If Valve would just punch up the graphics and tweak the lighting then you can leave the code the same then the FPS that literally changed FPS would still stand up at this point in the video game industry. And if Valve packed in their totally fantastic developer commentary bubbles, updated and timely, it would be amazing, but at this point if Valve released the equivalent of Halo CE Anniversary and didn’t release Half Life 2 Episode 3 or even Half Life 3 then there might be a riot.

4) The Legacy of Kain- As it stands, there are five games that encompass the Legacy of Kain series but I want more! I loved the games. People are still not over the hype of vampires so rebooting the series might do Eidos, if they still publish the series, some good. The series did well with balancing destiny, fatalism, and time travel well within the story. Before I go any further, there are rumors that Crystal Dynamics might be rebooting the series on XBLA so maybe I will get what I want.

5) Crash Bandicoot- Crash Bandicoot was to Sony as Sonic the Hedgehog is to SEGA, or how Mario is to Nintendo. Crash Bandicoot was a third-person platformer developed for the original PlayStation by much-loved developer Naughty Dog. It featured a crazy spinning bandicoot named Crash as the main protagonist, and featured clever bosses, and levels loaded with enemies, traps, and collectibles. The first game was very well-received, and Naughty Dog went on to develop two sequels, both of which were also adored critically and commercially. However, once the studio passed the rights on to Traveller’s Tales (known for the incredible LEGO games they develop today), Crash lost his momentum. Today, platformers are so few and far between, that a return from Crash Bandicoot would be a great thing, and taking a modern-day gaming approach with storytelling could really breathe some new life into the series’ fantastic and lovable characters.

So there you have it; five games that need a sequel and five series that deserve a reboot. Do you have any games that you adore that need a reboot or even a sequel?

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