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The 10s: T.V. Shows/Movies That Need a Video Game

Posted on July 19, 2012 AT 05:04pm

Often times when you think of a game that based on/connected to a TV show or movie, it’s an example of a bad game. Superman 64, Street Fighter The Movie: The Game, any of the bad Star Wars games, and many more. But, there are diamonds in the rough out there that show us that it’s possible to make great games off of the big screen (Goldeneye, Aliens vs. Predators, Disney’s Aladdin, and the great Star Wars games to name a few.)

The Five Shows

1 – Breaking Bad
A compelling story about a man on the verge of death with little to lose and a cast of morally grey characters are a great setup for a good game. The possibilities here are great: play as Jesse, trying to prove himself to the drug dealing community; Walt trying to raise money for his family before he’s gone; and/or as Hank, the DEA agent that’s trying to catch mysterious villain.
2 – Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13 is a lighter science fiction show with lots of room to grow with countless cool gadgets and a diverse set of characters that each have their own motivations and struggles. The video game could tie into the show directly or be a prequel, where you play as agents from any/all of the previous Warehouses.

3 – Firefly
One of the most well known ‘nerdy shows’ out there, with a well defined universe and lore. My suggestion would be an MMO where players can trade, smuggle, fight and/or negotiate with each other for ships, money, and other resources. It could tie into the show with just simple dropped references of the crew of the Firefly.

4 – Archer
An M-rated parody of James Bond and other secret agents with sex, guns, dirty jokes, and explosives, an Archer game could be the action of a first person shooter with a good slice of humor to round it out. Since the show is mostly episodic, it would be easy to place a game inside the show’s timeline.

5 – Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Avatar: The Last Airbender showed us a lot of cool things to do with the various elements and The Legend of Korra took it to the next level. A great story with a loveable cast and a smidge of humor, the game could focus on Korra as she learns about the world and herself in Republic City.

The Five Movies

1 – Memento
A mystery story where the events unfold in a disorganized and backwards order and the player is responsible for keep heads or tails of who to trust and what to do would be an enticing one. Memento is in a unique position to make a game that’s all about the player lying to the game and the game lying back to the player with both trying to figure out what’s what.

2 – Gangs of New York
Trying to rise in the ranks of the 1860’s gangs in Lower Manhattan. Start fights, corrupt cops, defend your turf, and start riots to show everyone that you are an gang member not to be messed with. Do whatever it takes to become the head honcho and hold all of old New York under your thumb as the head crime boss.

3 – The Usual Suspects
A group of multi-talented criminals are blackmailed by a myth of a man to rob a shipping container during a drug trade, sounds like a great premise to a game with lots of baddies and lots of guns. The game could also go off and be a tangent story about one of Keyser Soze’s other endeavors.

4 – 9
Watching 9 made me feel almost like I was playing a game. Lots of platforming and interesting monsters to battle with a story that will keep the player guessing. The cast of characters are all interesting and unique, I would expect each of them to have special abilities to help me solve puzzle or fight off monsters.

5 – American History X
Take Grand Theft Auto style gameplay and add Nazis and head-stomping and you’re good to go. The game could be a great way to show players that their actions have consequences and that people can change, if they are pushed to.

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