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The 10s: Worst DLC

Posted on July 16, 2012 AT 04:06pm

DLC is one of those things where you love it or hate it. Those who hate it wish it to go away and unfortunately, that will not be happening any time soon. DLC is a part of a gamer’s life no matter what we say. There are good DLCs and there are atrocious DLCs to be offered. Some DLC offered by companies directly insults the intelligence of gamers while other DLC is just plain terrible.

I play a lot of games that happen to have DLC either on release date or further down the line so with my infinite wisdom, I’m going to share with you the DLC all gamers, whether you hate or love the idea of DLC, should steer clear from.

The 10 Worst DLC

In no particular order

10. Resident Evil 5: Versus Mode – You remember the DLC that was released less than a month after the game was released? The DLC where you pretty much just stood in a spot and shot your enemies? Yea, that was Versus mode for Resident Evil 5. Versus mode could have easily been put in the game. It didn’t add anything new or exciting to the actual game since all you could do was hunt out your enemy and then hope to pick a good spot, stand there, and shoot away. There is hardly any fun in that.

9. Dante’s Inferno: Dark Forest – Once you beat Dante’s Inferno, then that’s pretty much it. You know where Dante’s relationship with Beatrice stands and what Dante is going to do next. Visceral Games still thought it a good idea to charge gamers for some more gameplay and by all means, Visceral delivered, but it felt rushed and it felt like Visceral showed the DLC no love. The Beatrice ghost has lips that don’t even move when she talks and she has no nipples. You can’t show boobs in your games with no nipples! If you do then you’re committing a crime! Your money could better be spent on something else; in particular, The Summer Steam Sale.

8. Borderlands: Mad Moxxi Underdome Riot - Fighting with friends in arenas is fun! Horde mode is fun! Unfortunately, Mad Moxxi, which is a mix of both,  is not as fun. Mad Moxxi misses the point of what made Borderlands fun. There is no looting or level grinding to be had here. The DLC also doesn’t scale to how many people are in your group so be sure to pass this up if you don’t have a core group of three friends willing to play the $10 price tag or if you don’t have level 50 characters.

7. Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Point Lookout was absolutely atrocious. The DLC made my game buggy and completely unplayable. I really wanted to play this piece of DLC from Bethesda seeing as how it was the one I was most interested in. Since I downloaded this pack, I haven’t played the game since. How can Bethesda be okay with the fact that they released a game breaking DLC pack and then do almost nothing to correct it? You hurt me, Bethesda!

6. Tales of Vesperia: Pay to level DLC -  The most terrifying thing is how there are six of these level-up items, because the Xbox Marketplace will only let you buy any item once to avoid players accidentally wasting money. So for players deliberately wasting money, Namco included two +10 level DLCs and four +5 levels. Gamers who fall for this tactic are just asking to have their money taken and are taking the fun out of grinding. This is a disgusting way to waste money which brings me to the next one on my list:

5. Street Fighter Costume Packs - The main reason why it’s one the worst DLC is because the costume packs are already on the disc which means they are essentially in the game but you have to pay for them in order to unlock them. Are they actually worth anything though? No, of course not! The costumes don’t make your character have any extra moves or add anything to the actual core of the game. Want make it even worse; Want Cammy’s alternate costume? Yes? Good, but you can’t buy it til you buy Rose, Sakura, C.Viper and Chun-Li’s wardrobe too. Yes, my mouth dropped too!

4. Madden 10: AFL Legacy Pack - Madden 10 features a throwback mode for $7 that changes the look of the game to resemble an old photograph. Seven dollars for a color scheme is pretty bad as is Elite mode which is a five dollar expansion that lets you become Elite. Not only does it not add anything to gameplay but it’s so hugely overpriced that it’s maddening.

3. Gears of War 3 Weapon Skins - Gearheads are a funny bunch of gamers. Epic has allowed them to purchase frilly looking weapon skins that stick out like a sore thumb in maps that are nothing but “dirt brown” colored. If playing competitively is your thing then please, stay away from these weapon skins. Purchasing all of the weapon skins will put a deep dent in your bustling wallet so if you want to run around with a rainbow colored Lancer then be my guest! I will shoot you from a mile away since I’ll be able to see you.

Moment of honesty here, the Infected Omen skin looks badass!

2. Call of Duty Map Packs - I’m not talking about just one game in the Call of Duty series, I’m talking about all of them and all of the map packs. Fortunately, they have gotten better though. During the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 era, the map packs were terrible. Reusing two maps from the previous Modern Warfare game and adding three new maps and making gamers pay $15 was one of the most money-hungry adventures Activision took to emptying wallets. If you want to play the old maps from the first Modern Warfare then pop the game in as I’m sure there were still people playing it. Don’t waste your money buying them after already spending a pretty penny on the game. If you think Gearheads are dumb and fanboyish then you haven’t met a Call of Duty fanboy. Since they bought the map packs Activision thought it was ok to keep charging gamers for these rehashed map packs. As I said before, it has gotten better. Now the developers are adding maps for Spec Ops mode and Zombie mode along with more multiplayer maps.

1. Online Passes – This one is the worst of all DLC and unfortunately, it can’t be helped or avoided unless you completely avoid playing multiplayer altogether. I cannot stand any game that asks you to pay to play the multiplayer aspect of the game. Ubisoft is really good at implementing this. For reviewers or people who rent their games from companies like Gamefly are forced to spend upwards of ten dollars paying for multiplayer. Luckily, there is a way around this: Buy the game new, but unfortunately, in this recession, it’s hard to buy every game that comes, let alone buying it new. Don’t get me wrong though, I understand why publishers and developers do this but they are alienating people who cannot afford to purchase the game anyway. If you rent the game, then you probably won’t even have the game long enough to enjoy the multiplayer so there is no reason to spend the ten dollars to begin with but you want to at least give it a shot. Don’t worry! Some companies have started putting in free passes for multiplayer in their games. Ubisoft put a two day pass in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations so you could get an idea of the multiplayer. Other than that, I think this practice is a huge rip off, but at least companies are trying to compromise with their fans.

There you have it, the worst DLC packs to buy and in the end, you should just keep your money and spend it something more enriching. I know some readers are asking themselves why I didn’t include the horse armor for Oblivion and here’s the answer, who cares? It was one of the first DLC packs ever to be released and since then, Bethesda has vastly redeemed themselves for that mistake.

What DLC do you think should be avoided? Do you agree or disagree with any of the ones mentioned above? Comment below, people! I’d love to read what you guys think.

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