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The Grammar Club, March 8th CD Release

Posted on March 4, 2013 AT 10:39am

Music has become a universal language that speaks to the heart and soul of listeners. Genres range from the mainstream played on the radio everyday, to those that are a bit more underground. Finding your niche when it comes to music offers an escape, a certain freedom. Immersing yourself into a different world is easy as you allow the music to carry you away. Whether you scour the internet or use one of the vast collections of online music there are new genres popping up daily almost. Nerdcore is one of those genres that popped up in recent years and has exploded since the creation. Rappers have always had street cred. What happens when nerdy kids bust on the scene? No longer is the street cred a valid license to rhyme now geek cred is needed. Knowledge of video games, Pokemon and the infinite universe of nerd life is needed. Nerdcore is all about geeks and the lifestyle they live. Don’t look down on their rhyme skills or flow there is some skill behind the microphone.

Beefy has become one of the premiere names when it comes to the word Nerdcore. Now take his skills and meld them with that of quick witted sharp tongue rappers. Say hello to the Grammar Club, a five-piece band featuring Beefy, along with Shael Riley, DJ Snyder, Adam!, and Glenn Case.

Check them out here:

So why should you really care? Well you should care because The Grammar club is working on releasing a new CD soon, titled Bioavailable. Your ears will be tickled with beats that transport you back to the days of 8 bit gaming. Overlay those beats with some rap skills that will blow most vocalist away. Added in with a sultry sounding band everything melds together to become a coherent musical undertaking. March 8th Bioavailable will drop so you should all do yourself a favor by going to check it out.

I was offered the chance to get a little taste of the music and I thoroughly enjoyed each sample. March 8th can’t come soon enough with a pay your price model everyone should support these artists. If you enjoy rhymes, flow, beata, instrumentals or just straight up hip hop you will not be disappointed.

Interested in checking it out?



Interested in just Beefy?


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