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The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing [Steam] Review

Posted on June 8, 2013 AT 06:34am

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing is a game loosely based on one of the main characters from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. As we start the game we learn it is set in Borgovia, a fictional dark kingdom where the mythical monsters once roamed. Your adventure starts out with you playing as young Van Helsing, son to a world famous monster hunter. Like your father your adventures will be a many in your quest for greatness. Spanning the colossal mountains are vast plains where you will find yourself fighting mythical beasts. You will find yourself soon in what you will believe to be a safe haven. Keep your wits about you though wicked outlaws dwell even here in Markovna. Dangerous men even conspire against you here where safety should be had. Soon enough Van Helsing will find the wonders of Borgova the gothic-noir metropolis that he has been in search of. Borgova is where the real story will start to untwist leading you into a world of adventure as you explore the mystery.

Van Helsing for me felt much like Diablo 3, whereas I didn’t need much of a tutorial to jump right in. Gameplay for the basic parts is straightforward with not too many frills added in. You will be doing a lot of clicking to get to the areas and battles. As you are surrounded by enemies clicking again will be your way of attack. If you have started to write the game off as boring give me a second to explain clicking is not all you do. Building up your character and your (help) will also be a big part of the game. Right from the start you realize that your weakness will be your biggest flaw. I made the mistake of clicking on something and having to try to defend myself with low grade weapons. Within the first few chapters you will already be facing monsters more powerful than your self. Lucky for you there is a skill tree and points to give yourself the boost you need. Upgrading skill sets and weapons is of the utmost importance. As you gain skill points you need to make sure you are upgrading not only yourself but your cohorts on this crazy journey.

Beautiful in the atmospheric presence of the game Van Helsing draws you in from the opening screen. Character design is not flawless but surely grabs your attention long enough to keep you interested. After the start screen the opening is nice but remarkably does not mark itself as spectacular. I liked the story book feel of the in-between of chapters but it felt odd at points. Onto the actual gameplay which was what you would expect from a game title like this. Each level had a dark atmospheric feel to it. Walking into a forest you automatically felt the darkness descend on you as the gloomy feeling crept in. Magic which also plays a major role in the game is well done, as you cast a spell brilliant colors flash across the screen. In the darkest of corners the screen lights up as your character or co-character casts their spells. It breaks up the gloom of the screen and makes you realize the pure joy of the graphics. One area I did find a bit of a hitch was when there were multiple instances of enemies the graphics kind of went to crap. As the screen was flooded with hordes of attackers even the higher end PC I have fought to keep up.  Sound was icing on the cake for Van Helsing. Voice acting, though not the best I have heard, was spot on where it needed to be. I did find some of the context and dialogue was a bit unnecessary as it felt out of place and not needed. Musically the games sound engineers knew what they wanted and brought the game to life. When you walked into new areas you felt the atmosphere through sound before seeing the actual picture. As you battled you could feel your heart quicken with the pace of the fight. As with any game with multiple things happening on screen you did get a bit of sound bleed over.

No worries young monster hunter, this game will surely be worth your money for the rich story and the varied gameplay. Adventure type gamers as well as those that like RPG styled games will fall into the mystery that is Van Helsing. Hack and slash fans don’t worry you are not left in the fray either as you will find enjoyment in slaying hordes of enemies. Building up of skills and rage points as well as keeping your player balanced will keep you busy. Addition of an online feature will also give some more credibility to the lasting appeal of the game. Overall I believe that the game is worth a look if you enjoy RPG games or if you are bored with Diablo 3 and looking for a filler.


Van Helsing does not offer much more as an RPG that other titles have not yet implemented. Even with nothing new on the table players will be able to find enjoyment. Fitting the motto if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it Van Helsing did just that. If you are looking for a game to fill a void waiting for something new this game could fit that bill. Price also isn’t too bad so it will not break the bank.

Pros: Fits very well into the RPG field of gaming. Diablo players will find a similar style of game in Van Helsing

Cons: Leveling uptakes a bit and at times the hordes of enemies are larger than you can handle at lower levels.

Grade: B+


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