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The Last Guardian Dead? Sony Abandons Copyright to Name

Posted on August 9, 2012 AT 10:57am

What’s going on with the Last Guardian? We’ve been told time and time again by the creator of the Last Guardian that the game has not been canceled, despite no-shows at E3 2012 and more, and then this news breaks–casting darker and darker clouds over the future of the game everyone wanted to play but never got a chance to. Does this mean the game has been internally canceled? Rebranded for the next generation of gaming? Nobody at Sony is telling us, but the questions continue to pile up. Previously, Square-Enix let the same thing happen to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but renewed it shortly after. However, Versus XIII has still not seen a release.

$159 will get you started if you want to buy the name copyright to The Last Guardian – however, keep in mind unless you can display intent to conduct commercial business with the title, your copyright claim may not be approved.

The history of the trademark designated to The Last Guardian shows that the most recent renewal was the last in a long line of extensions – something that could possibly be overlooked by a legal department, so rushing to judgment on the cancellation of the game would not be prudent. That being said, nobody knows for sure right now whether this is an actual abandonment by Sony or a mistake by their legal team.

Below is a link to the copyright from Trademarkia, where you can buy the name.

Source: http://www.trademarkia.com/the-last-guardian-77750563.html

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