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The New Razer Blade: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Posted on September 9, 2012 AT 05:41pm

If you were following my Tweets during PAX, you saw me giving the play-by-play for the Razer keynote. For those of you who don’t follow me, here is the recap:

Min Liang Tan, Founder and CEO of Razer, started off by reminding us about the huge announcement they made last year, the Razer Blade. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, the Razer Blade was marketed as a gaming laptop that was also light and portable, while still being powerful and sleek. They did a pretty good job, but there was a lot of feedback on the performance of the Razer Blade.

This year, Razer announced the new Razer Blade and as Tan said, “The Beauty is now the Beast”. Not only is it still sleek and thin and beautiful (I mean c’mon…look at it!) but they listened to the feedback and completely redesigned it from the inside.

It now boasts a quad core Intel i7 CPU that hasn’t even been formally announced, a Nvidia GEFORCE GTX graphics card and much, much more. The Razer Blade has three USB drives instead of the one that the older model had, 8GB dual channel DDR3 at 1600MHz, a hybrid storage 500GB 7200RPM HDD and 64GB SATA III SSD with NVELO Dataplex Software, and dual band Wi-Fi mode for better range with less interference.

The biggest thing Tan talked about was how they managed to pack all of this cool new, awesome stuff into something just as small as the original Razer Blade. The native resolution of the monitor is 1920×1080, and it boasts the same 17.3” screen as well as the full LED backlighting.

The keyboard is a make-or-break for most people when buying a laptop. Either it ends up being too small and awkward, the keys are uncomfortable, or they try to jam way too much into it. For those of you familiar with the Deathstalker keyboard from Razer, you’ll be excited to know it’s featured in the Razer Blade. The full sized, 100% anti-ghosting keyboard on the Razer Blade features the Switchblade UI with programmable keysets for many popular games (WoW, League, Firefall) with many more in the works. If you’re a developer, you can download the Switchblade UI development kit to make your own apps.

As far as size goes, Razer once again proves bigger isn’t always better. It’s all about the performance. The new Razer Blade is just over 6lbs and 0.88” thin, and in benchmark tests, the new Razer Blade outperformed every top gaming laptop currently on the market, and performs twice as well as its predecessor in games like Diablo 3 by double.

The Razer Blade doesn’t get any hotter than traditional gaming laptops thanks to the R&D team at Razer who custom designed every single aspect of the laptop.

After the keynote, I had a chance in the press room to play around with it, and I have to say I’m definitely excited for the new Razer Blade. If you currently own a Razer Blade, you will be able to buy the new model with a discount of $500 off the $2499 price tag. I’m primarily a desktop kind of girl, but if I were going to make the switch to laptop gaming, this would be it (and still might be!).

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