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Sword Of The Stars-The Pit [PC] Review

Posted on March 11, 2013 AT 12:58pm

Set in the popular Sword of the Stars universe, the game offers a rich science fiction backdrop and sharp modern gameplay. You are the exploration team looking for a cure for a deadly virus. Sent to Feldspar mountains, a massive pit, built by the ancient Suul’ka. Your goal is to set out on the exploration path hoping to find answers and the cure. Will you be the hope of your people or just another name on the list of failed expeditions? 

The Pit is the first independent title to be published by Kerberos. The studio launched the project as its first crowd-funding campaign in October 2012. Hundreds of players stepped forward to support the team and to participate in the game’s Exclusive Beta period. Four months later, Kerberos is proud to be a successful, not to mention one of the fastest crowdfunding campaigns to date. From all the hard work and player support comes a critically-acclaimed, highly addictive romp through 30 levels of science fiction mayhem.

Depth is something The Pit is lacking as far as gameplay is concerned. Unfortunately as you start the realization sets in this game is very straight forward, or so you would think. When first starting up the game you feel like what is on the surface is all that is provided to the player. Give the game time though surprises are buried deeper beyond the surface. Weapons are just as varied as the enemy types making the game feel like a wide open book. Unique features allow you to craft new items. As you explore you will find that the levels become much more then dungeon crawling like levels. Stepping into new levels you may find something to help further your progress or even hinder it.  Difficulty all depends on your want for a challenge feel like a stroll in the park set it to easy, want a stroll in that park with two broken legs and a gravel road way set it to insane.

Presentation wise The Pit takes a page from the retro book in look and feel. Honoring the 8-bit and 16-bit era it does well in making retro feel new. Graphics are muddy feeling but not in a bad way it works well in this sense. Even with the fuzzy feel of the bit graphics you can tell a chair from a wall. Wandering around the levels each room has a unique look and feel where you can enjoy the minimalist feel. No flashy graphics to distract from the actual feel of the game but the core and meat still retains the feel. Sound is what you would expect almost chip tune but beefed up. I was surprised with the overall enjoyment of the combined experience. You do get little quips of the weapons in action or the enemies but not enough to make it a deciding factor. I would have liked a bit more depth with the background sounds but it did not detract from the enjoyment of the experience.

Players are offered up 4 different classes each offer a unique play through. Add to that the options in variations of weapons. Lasting appeal will depend on the actual player. Some may find no reason to actually play again. Others will actually enjoy finishing the game with each class. Completion type mindsets will find what is offered will keep them busy longer. One thing that would have made the game a bit more replay worthy would have been the inclusion of co-op.


The Pit is a unique experience that starts off like any other dungeon type crawler. Right from that point is where the similarity stops and uniqueness starts. Don’t look past what is offered you may find yourself severely disappointed if you do. With endless levels ready for you to explore the depth of the game may surprise many. The pit is at least worth a try.


  • The Good: Amount of levels, Endless game pretty much
  • The Bad: Controls were a bit hard, No going back to redo sections
  • The Ugly: N/A

Score: 8/10

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