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The Recession Bundle Provides an Indie Stimulus Package

Posted on July 9, 2012 AT 03:46pm

The bleakly named recession bundle has just been released, and it aims to beat the average indie game bundle price by giving you six games for nothing.

As their bundle name suggests, the good folks over at Indie Game Bundles believe in tightening the belt so they’re giving gamers a price they can handle in these tough times. Their Recession Bundle is described as an ‘experimental part-charity part-awesome project’. It consists of six freeware titles and two games that will be made available for donators. The freeware titles are pretty notable works that have all received positive reviews:

-          Auntie Pixelante’s bondage-themed masocore (the pain of losing is pleasure) platformer Mighty Jill Off

-          Teknopants’ Gunstar Heroes-esque sidescrolling shooter Action Fist, which features a clever color-based mechanic.

-          The craze jumble of game-thing concepts that can mess with your mind known as Vidiot

-          The Cat and the Coup, the documentary game that features stunning art and a gripping story of political betrayal told through cat-based minigames

-          Dubloon, a point-and-click RPG on the high seas that features a complex pirate world for you to explore

-          Neverball, a classic game of steering the ball through an obstacle course by tilting the floor

The two paid titles are the ambient procedurally-generated RTS Star-Twine and the colorful, retro, perspective-shifting platformer 8 bit-night. They’re available on Desura for all users who donate whatever amount they feel comfortable with. Part of the proceeds will go to the SOS – Children’s Village Croatia. Times are tough, but you can probably reach into the sofa cushions and put together some cash for charity and indie games. The bundle will be running for just under two more weeks, check it out here.

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