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The Steam Summer Sale: Day 8

Posted on July 19, 2012 AT 10:37am

How could it get better than the last seven days of savings? I don’t know how, but it does. Day 8 of the Steam Summer Sale is here – and I’m exhausted from spending. There are popular religions that believe God created the earth and had a rest day in less time than this Steam sale has been on for. Contemplate that, or don’t. Let’s dive into today’s incredible deals.

The addictive tower defense game by Pop Cap – Plants Vs. Zombies is only $2.49 (75% off), so you should probably buy it for almost everyone you know…Almost. Don’t buy it for your stinky neighbor with the cats, or do. I’m not here to make these judgment calls for you, just to tell you what’s on sale.

The buggy, but still wonderful Fallout New Vegas is 75% off for only five bucks. I don’t think you can get more gameplay per dollar as this deal.

Sniper Elite V2 is on sale, and if you’ve ever wanted to study bullet trajectory and exit wounds, then this game is for you. It’s 50% off for $24.99. It’s solid, it seems to lack the magic of the original, but Sniper Elite V2 is still fun, and that’s what matters when you want to kill Nazis from a distance.

Gratuitous Tank Battles has 66% of the cost of the game blown off from a cannon round from a Sherman, and this top down RTS full of gratuitous…Tank battles will probably scratch the ‘tons of stuff blowing up on your computer monitor’ itch.

From the makers of Max Payne 1 and 2 comes Alan Wake, a game about an author haunted by – well I don’t want to give it away. The PC version of this unique 3rd person action game just came out fairly recently, so it’s cool to get this title for 75% off or $7.49. If you like spooky thrills to go with your shotgun, take Alan Wake for a spin.

Speaking of spooky, probably the scariest game ever made – Amnesia – is on sale for 75% off. This is a must buy for anyone willing to plop down five digital dollars on the countertop known as the Steam check out. Atmosphere, weird noises, candles, those words could be used to describe a strange romance game, but Amnesia is here to ‘boo you’ not ‘woo you’. I’m feeling these puns today. Really feeling ‘em. Buy this.

My game of the year for 2011, Witcher 2 is on sale for only $15.99 (66% off). Dark fantasy was never so fascinating. Make decisions that actually matter, marvel at the visuals, the gameplay, the voice-overs, everything. I love this game so much I want to name it my 2012 game of the year too. Buy Witcher 2, play it, then play it again. Bioware wishes it had the the wild ups and downs of this tale in it’s back pocket.

Krater is on sale for $7.49 (75% off). Take control of your avatar in a top down action-RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Or skip it, it’s only an OK game at best.

And to finish today off, the Indie Bundle VIII is $9.99 and offers Wings of Prey, Hoard, Swords and Soldiers HD, Demolition Inc and Sol Exodus.

Just two days left. We can make it.

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