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The Steam Summer Sale is Almost Over – This is Day 9

Posted on July 20, 2012 AT 10:51am

This is it – the day before the last day of the Steam Summer Sale. What else could we possibly spend money on?

The top down action RPG with a humorous twist, Magicka, is only $2.49 (75%) off. And frankly I like this game more than Diablo III. Hrmph.

The vastly underrated Driver: San Francisco has the perfect price for some digital vehicular mayhem. Pick this up and spend hours creating highlight reels of all you maniacal fun.

One of the silliest acronym’s ever – F.3.A.R - is 75% off and will only run you five bucks, but unless you really want to see what happened after you were raped by a ghost at the end of Fear 2, just skip it. Do yourself a favor.

One of my favorite games from last year: Deus Ex Human Revolution is only $7.49, and it’s hard to deny this stealth/action/RPG/however-I-want-it game from entering my hard drive through a air duct.

The very pretty Crysis 2 is 75% off for only $11.99. This is a solid ‘sandbox’ shooter, as you can engage enemies however one sees fit. It’s not as fun or open as the first Crysis, but if you have a powerful gaming rig, how can you turn down some cheap Cysis? I don’t know.

Just one more turn. Sid Meier’s Civilization V is on sale for 75% off. This is pretty much the best gaming-per-hour for this Summer Steam Sale. There’s a dude who’s still playing Civ 2 from ten years ago. Buy this.

The fun, but forgetful Dungeon Defenders is worth a pick up if you want to get your mouse-clicking finger warmed up for Torchlight II. It’s on sale for 75% off or $3.74.

Then finally, Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad is 75% off for only 5 bucks. I’m buying this as we speak, I’m typing with one hand and purchasing with another (two computers). Based off an Unreal mod, Red Orchestra is a hardcore shooter simulating the eastern front of WW2. One shot, generally one kill, and the intensity is dialed to eleven. This is a great game.

Tomorrow…The Steam Sale…Is over.

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