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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1: “All That Remains” Review [PlayStation 3]

Posted on December 26, 2013 AT 08:43pm

*Warning: This review contains storyline points from Season 1 of The Walking Dead*

If there is one thing you must know when playing The Walking Dead it’s quite simple – survival of the fittest.  Kill, or be killed while all at the same time, attempt to keep your decisions rational and human. Fans of the series know that is a never ending struggle, and what builds a great storyline and a fantastic game. It’s also what drives The Walking Dead into it’s 2nd season starting things off right where they left off.

When we last left our young protagonist, Clementine, she had just lost her best friend and mentor Lee Everett. Heartbroken and alone, the game  picks up shortly after he was lost and later fast forwards sixteen months later where we see a much older Clementine at a campfire. What drove The Walking Dead in Season 1 was it’s storyline and character development. Telltale Games knows this and continues to expand upon that throughout the opening episode of Season 2.

As with Season 1, choices that are made in the game directly reflect the outcome of the storyline that you are engaged in. What’s even more great is if the player was engaged with the 400 Days DLC that was released for Season 1, those choices will reflect on the storyline in Season 2 as well.

Decision making in Season 2 is a lot more instinctive as well. For example, there were multiple occasions where I had to make a last moment decision to save Clementine’s life. Of course this exisited in the first season, but in the second season, Telltale Games has done a phenomenal job at making those decisions feel a lot more hectic and exciting.

What Telltale didn’t have the advantage of previously was building a character storyline. Multiple new characters had to be introduced and it took sometime to learn what their personalities were like and what they were about. That still exists here, but there’s no doubt that it’s all driven by the actions of our young female protagonist Clementine. Some may see this as something that may hold the game back but ultimately it’s her actions are what define what this world she’s living in is all about. Survival. There is a task you have to do in this episode that will leave you gritting your teeth and wishing that you didn’t have to put her through what she’s enduring at that moment. It’s times like these that make the opening chapter of The Walking Dead Season 2 just as good as it’s predecessor. Once again, there is a lot of potential of this game to be great and knowing how Telltale Games is, I’m sure they will be able to deliver. They’re already off to an incredible start.

The second season of The Walking Dead Episode 1 starts off with a bang and continues the character development of Clementine. It shows how strong of a woman she is becoming in this world thanks to her mentor/babysitter and how intelligent she is. While some may wish the story yielded another main character to develop, those thoughts are quickly dismissed in this episode – Clementine can clearly handle herself and that is never more evident in this episode. It will be very interesting to see what imperative decisions she will have to make and is faced with based on her age, her level of maturity, and most importantly, her humanity. Those decisions are yours. I can’t wait to see where the story takes us next.

Telltale Games does it again and redefines what interactive storyplay is all about in the world of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Pro:  Character development, storyline, artwork, everything we love about the first season is still here.
  • Con: Story starts off a little slow and newcomers may be confused if they’re not familiar with season one.

Score:  A

Albert Perkins is one of the journalists writing for DigitalNoob, and also co-hosts & produces The Weekly Beat Podcast on DigitalNoob. Away from gaming you can find Albert watching sports, television, movies, and regularly being the jokester & punch line amongst his friends. You can follow him on Twitter @AlbertPerkins.

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