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Thunderbolts #10 [Marvel Comics] Review

Posted on June 7, 2013 AT 09:05pm

The epic conclusion to Daniel Way’s second and final run on the Thunderbolts has arrived, and with it comes many questions and not as many answers as one would hope. With the fate of the world as a whole in the hands of the Thunderbolts, General Ross and his team take on Vanko, his gamma-radiated Crimson Dynamos and a mysterious man who claims to the brother of Elektra. While this has yet to be proven, this is obviously a problem, and with the final issue of this arc coming next month, it will be interesting to see how this glowing green problem works out.

This is an interesting issue, with some old friends coming out of the woodwork, a wild goose chase and a very surprising twist ending that will make for a very entertaining ending to this arc and the full twelve issue run for writer Daniel Way. The former Deadpool writer has done a great job with this series, and with the introduction of Blind Al to the Thunderbolts universe (possibly as a sendoff for himself and an homage to his long run with the character), this second to last issue has proven to be up to the high standard of quality that this series has achieved.

Way’s sendoff next issue should be a good one, as his work on this series has been fun, if not a bit less exciting than it should be with this kind of lineup. There has been no real dips in the plots that Way has written, but there has been nothing too over the top either, keeping this as a consistently good, if not predictable in its pacing.

Phil Noto and Guru eFX have art duties for this issue, and while again there is very little to say in the negative, this standard has become the norm for the series, which makes it a bit less impressive. It’s a very vibrant, well colored title with great character compositions and backgrounds, but there is something that is less exciting in this book as a whole from a visual perspective that is an odd, intangible thing. This is by no means a problem, as the book itself is good, if not just a bit lackluster.

Summary: After ten issues, this book is moving along at a great pace. With Daniel Way gone after issue #11, there is no telling what new writer Charles Soule will come up with, but Way has done admirable with his work on Thunderbolts. The artwork is solid, the writing is good and this is a fun title to read each month. There is an inexplicable aura about the book that is a bit lackluster, but not in the disappointing way. It’s just a solid book that continuously keeps that pace.

Pros: Solid writing, good artwork.

Cons: Solid yet predictable in nearly all aspects.

Grade: C+

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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