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Tiny Troopers [PC] Review

Posted on September 14, 2012 AT 10:21am

Tiny Troopers comes to us by way of Iceberg Interactive and Kukouri Mobile Entertainment. The game tries to put a fun spin on the often gritty feeling of war. It seems that they almost pull off the aspect of sugar coating war until your enemy is laying in a pool of blood begging for life. When you first put yourself in the missions the game is a fun romp through but quickly can become a chore an repetitive. You will find yourself enjoying the game but cautious not to lose one of your men because it will make the game more difficult. Once a soldier is gone he is no longer usable making the game a bit more tedious at that point.

Unfortunately, there is not much of a story that the game goes by which could of helped or hurt the game. With out the inclusion of the story you just get hurled into a mission with some briefing. Would have been an awesome point to add in a story though nothing too serious. Tiny Troopers would have lent itself well to having a story that could immerse you deeper into the game. Addition of this may have made the game a bit more enjoyable or interesting for a lack of better terms.

Tiny Troopers lends itself to be a pick up and play for all age ranges as game play is not hard to learn. Most actions will be done by using the mouse and 1 or 2 button combos. With keys being laid out for you in the tutorial. Grenades and machine guns are at your disposal for weapons but you are also offered some other weapon options as upgrades. Difficulty didn’t feel like it was a major factor overall for the game. Even at the higher level I felt it was fairly easy to get through. Later levels may find you in a bot of a tighter bind but it all depends on how well you do. Tiny Troopers surely does open up the fun though by being so accessible to many age ranges.

Graphically, the game is very cartoon oriented making it fun to play. If it had been a more gritty artistic style I think it would have detracted from the fun. Stomping around your little soldiers look like something straight off a Saturday morning cartoon. Visually, the game lends some fun back drops each mission had some unique landscapes that were beautiful in their own way. Tanks burning, little shards of building flying from an exploded grenade each added a fun aspect to the game. Adding in a mixture of different objects spattered through out the level to make the experience much more full and rich. Really no voice acting to speak of other then a few little quips when firing. Soundtrack for the most part was lackluster but did keep you in the action.

Sadly for Tiny Troopers, lasting appeal is a far shot other then trying to better your star rating. You may find yourself going back just to enjoy a fun romp through one more time though you do have the inclusions of achievements making another play through a viable option. Overall, the game will only have lasting appeal if you truthfully decide the second play is worth your time. Multiplayer would have been an awesome addition for the game making either a cooperation style mission or maybe some kind of head to head option.

  • THE GOOD: Overall just a fun easy game to get into and enjoy. Controls are simple enough to learn
  • THE BAD: Little replay value for the game. Game gets repetitive even through 30 levels.
  • THE UGLY: Once a soldier is dead he is dead for good. Cartoon style detracted by gruesome enemy death

SCORE: 8.5

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