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Tomba Review [PSN]

Posted on June 29, 2012 AT 10:19am

Lets first take a trip back to June 3oth 1998 when Tomba is first released. Despite reviewers giving the Tomba games praise, the series is already doomed. Wait! Tomba is given a second chance with a second game, but alas it is only a short win Tomba would soon be lost to time. Who0ppe Camp unfortunately faced the call of the reaper and closed shortly after the second title was released. Tomba would never see the light of day unless on the pages of Ebay or so it seemed. Now fast forward to June 19th 2012 Tomba has been resurrected on the PSN.  Monkeypaw games saw the market for this nostalgic title and took what I believe was a great step in bringing it to PSN.

You play as Tomba, our pink haired wild boy whose fathers bangle has been stolen. Your main goal is to return the heirloom to you the rightful owner. Standing in your way are seven evil pigs who will be looking to stop you any way possible. In the course of justice, trying to find the thieves, you will also become a hero of some small islands. Each level will have a unique pig that you have to defeat. Thus by defeating the pig you will also free that land from a spell bringing new life to that area. Unique characters will guide you along on your journey some hashing out more of the story for you.

Gameplay for Tomba is mostly side scrolling platform type game mixed with some RPG/adventure elements. During certain times you can have Tomba jump into the background or foreground giving the game a 3D feel. Playing as Tomba, our pink haired hero, your journey is to save your fathers bangle that was stolen. During the course of gameplay, you will come across certain events that need to be completed to progress, such as returning a lost boy or finding some cheese. Each event gives you AP points which then can be used to open special boxes. Also in your travels, you will find treasure chests that can only be opened with special keys. Much of your time will be spent traveling back and forth to find items to complete a quest. It may become repetitive for some but the game keeps you on your toes. Though there is not a high level of difficulty, many of the levels do create a rage induced moment as you fall to your death.

Visuals are strong for this title even with the dated graphics; I still found myself in awe of the color representation. Levels are crisp and pop with a cartoon feel; everything from enemies down to the buildings are rendered beautifully. Character design doesn’t detract from the game in the least bit. Each character has a unique look and feel to the game making them part of the over all experience. Levels each have their own taste in the name of their style you can get a feel for where the character actually is. Sound adds in another layer of enjoyment though not anything to blow your mind. it just simply fits. Progression to each new area opens up new wonderful sounds that help draw you into the fantasy world.

No real lasting appeal applies to the game in the general sense. Players will not find a reason to play the game again in most situations. Though just for the nostalgia factor alone some will pick it up multiple times. Sure you can’t have multiple endings or add any real value for the time put in but the game is solid over all. Tomba may be dead to the gaming world on general but you are sure to find he has gained a cult following of sorts. In my opinion the game is worth at least giving a chance to just because of how well it has held up over time.

  • THE GOOD: Overall enjoyment of the game, Price is 10 dollars
  • THE BAD: No new games coming form this title
  • THE UGLY: N/A – Nothing “ugly” about this one.

Score: 9.0


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