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Tonido Lets You Go Free

Posted on April 4, 2013 AT 08:23am

Every been on the go just to remember a mile down the road you forgot that important document? Maybe a long road trip is coming up and you want some good tunes but to save space on your phone for pictures. Sure you could carry a few extra memory cards with you but changing them gets tedious. People are relying on their phones for everything but space is still somewhat limited. Cloud storage has provided a great service but what if you had a better option? Say hello to Tondio everything remains on your own private network no more pesky uploads. Files, music and videos are all at your fingertips. No longer do you have to keep track of 5 different passwords for multiple cloud sites. Tonido is your one stop shop for your files when you want them where you want them.

Tonido does let you sync up to 2gb for free which is a good amount for most users. If you are looking to actually take your storage to the next step they do have a pro and Biz model which will cost you a bit. Added benefits are a 100gb sync for the Pro version. The Biz version bumps it up to a 200gb sync might not be valid for all parties but does offer more storage. Sharing your files, music and movies has also become a new need. Tondio will let you share with up to 5 guest and 5 shares for the free version. Pro bumps the sharing up to an unlimited number as well as the Biz version. Lastly the Biz version lets users implement custom branding.

Tonido gives users secure access to their home computer’s
entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos from
anywhere, without having to upload it to a public cloud service. Watch
videos, listen to music, see photos and open documents that are stored
on the computer right from any Android device.

Tonido Features:

- Plug- and-Play remote access. No fiddling with router settings
- Easy to remember web URL access to your computer
- Stream Music and Videos to Apple TV using Airplay

Interested in what Tondio has to offer?
The Tonido Android app is available for free on the Google Play Store at:

*Tonido is also available for your Apple products*

8840 Wilshire Blvd.,
Third Floor,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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