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Top 10 Movies to Catch Fall 2012

Posted on August 2, 2012 AT 08:16pm

As the summer comes to a close, so does the season of epic movies that we spend all year looking forward to. Whether, or not you were disappointed with the 2012 summer movies, this fall looks to pack in intensifying fun and thrills to bring the year to a close before December.  Here are ten films to be on the lookout for from September through November.

1. REC 3: Genesis              Release Date: August 3 On Demand, September 7 in select U.S. theatres

There is something to be said for the Spanish “REC” series, or as many Americans know them as “Quarantine.” “REC” has made final cuts to the third installment, “Genesis” where the same old adventure of people getting sick and turning into ravenous zombies happens. This time it all occurs in the happiest of places: a wedding. We witnesses to the adventure through the infamous hand held camera view, this time via cameras from different wedding guests.

Final Suspicions: Just like any movie full of guts and blood, and is part of a series, don’t go to this film hoping for extensive plot line and well developed characters. However, do prepare for an angry bride running around in heels wielding with a chainsaw.

 2. Bachelorette                 Release Date: September 7

Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, director Leslye Headland makes her debut into the silver screen world with raunchy female comedy “Bachelorette.’ Rebel Wilson stars at pudgy Becky who is the first before her skinny-minnie high school girlfriends to get married. She plays an American-accented young lady who doesn’t party anymore, but is silly enough to let her bridesmaids plan her bachelorette party. Bitter Maid of Honor Regan (Kirstin Dunst), dry witted Gena (Lizzy Caplan of “Mean Girls”), and airheaded Katie (Isla Fisher) bring on the untamed femme attitude packed with booze, strippers, and who knows what else.

Final Suspicions: This should be a fun time if you push the conspiracy theory of women trying to take on “The Hangover” out of your head. Rebel Wilson is an upcoming comedy actress, so she’s definitely worth checking out and, come on, who doesn’t kind of miss Kirstin Dunst?


3. Resident Evil 6: Retribution     Release Date: September 14

The Umbrella Corporation doesn’t sleep, does it? The T-Virus is still very much alive, infecting the entire world. Alice (Milla Jovovich) is really the only hope. A tricky past and no place to hide, Alice has nothing else to do but to take down Umbrella from various points around the globe, including Tokoyo and Moscow.

Final Suspicions: The Resident Evil series has been consistent over the last few years, so why would this be any different? With more layers to discover about Alice, the T-Virus is in good company as something unusual.

4. V/H/S                                               Release Date: October 5 (limited)

The Sundance Film Festival brings in unexpected home runs to the public and, according to Trevor Groth, a programmer at the festival, “V/H/S” is such a hit that manages to keep the found-footage genre alive. Combine “Paranormal Activity” with “The Ring” and the plot fit: a group of petty thieves are hired by an unknown third party to retrieve a VHS tape from an abandoned house. However, the group is met by multiple tapes and a TV, so they go through each tape revealing one gruesome and horrifying tape after another.

Final Suspicions: The tapes release ominous spirits and happenings, no doubt. Found-footage films, done right, are immaculate when it comes to terrifying us. If the Sundance says, “OK,” then we can take a chance.


5.  Sinister                                                   Release Date: October 5

From far away, this movie that stars Ethan Hawke as a writer/father seems like any other horror movie: family moves into new house, the dad discovers the last family who lived there was murdered, he digs around, people get hurt. However, “Sinister” plays on the idea that children possessed by demons is not just for anyone. The movie takes this idea of an old tale where being possessed was almost a chore, and then shows us something really scary. No one shows scary things anymore, it’s all left up to the imagination. Not “Sinister.” The movie shows you exactly who you’re dealing with from the get go, so watch out.

Final Suspicions: This could be like any other horror movie where it flops on screen, but it seems to definitely worth purchasing later to see alone at home. Also, if you’re into modern day memes, find the trail on YouTube and tell us it doesn’t look like the Horrifying House Guest Meme, or at least a distant cousin to the guy. Finally, the movie is rated R, so there should be some really terrifying images.

6. Paranormal Activity 4                 Release Date: October 19

The makers of Paranormal Activity are staying current with technology. Skype, people; it’s how we catch ghosts now! Per usual, the trailer doesn’t reveal much, nor is there much of an official summary out there. Directed by Jenry joost and Ariel Schulman, the story seems to follow the more recent storyline, but through the eyes of the young teenaged neighbor to Kristi and baby Hunter.

Final Suspicions: Say what you want about this series, but you know there’s always a few surprises.

7. Silent Hill: Revelations               Release Date: October 26

The story of the Hell on a Hill returns and so do those creepy nurses and Pyramid Head. Based on the video game “Silent Hill 3″ and a sequel to the “Silent Hill” movie. Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemons) discovers on her eighteenth birthday that she is not who she thought she was and that her father Christopher Da Silva (Sean Bean) has gone missing. Whisked away to Silent Hill, Heather Mason faces many challenges and characters that only seemed to exist in her nightmares.

Final Suspicions: Michael J, Bassett wrote and directed this film, adding to his resume (“Solomon Kane” and “Deathwatch”). Being released in 3D, “Revelations” looks to be one of those overdone sequels with too many cushions, but it’s the sequel to one of the greatest video game-to-movie adaptions of all time, so why not?


8. Lincoln                             Release Date: November 9

In a parallel universe to the vampire hunter, Abraham Lincoln’s story is told through the directorial eye of Steven Spielberg. In this much anticipated biography, we follow Lincoln’s journey as he clashes with his cabinet on abolition and the eventual end to the Civil War.

Final Suspicions: It’s directed by Steven Spielberg.


9. Skyfall                              Release Date: November 9

Daniel Craig is back as Agent 007 in the new James Bond addition “Skyfall.” Directed by Sam Mendes, 007 fans will follow the 23rd installment where Bond’s loyalty is questioned when M’s past is all but simple and clean.

Final Suspicions: Explosions and Daniel Craig is a recipe for a good movie. However, Craig has consistently been delivering a good Bond for several years now in the world’s long-running film franchise.


10. Red Dawn                    Release date: November 21

This movie is a remake of the 80′s movie of the same name where the town of Red Dawn, Washington becomes under attack and under enemy territory. The citizens of the town must rise up together to thwart off their attacker which, in this case, is North Korea. Team Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”), Josh Peck (“Drake and Josh”) and Adrianna Palicki (“Friday Night Lights”) together and the fact that Dan Bradley is making his directorial debut only after twenty-plus years as a stunt double: you’ve got an action movie.

Final Suspicions: See it for Hemsworth, see it for Bradley who was the very first Jason Voorhees (just one scene), or just see it for America.

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