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Treats for Your Firefall Tricks

Posted on October 31, 2012 AT 04:52pm

No this is no trick the folks over at Red 5 Studios are bringing some Halloween related content to their game. “Night of the Melding” will bring players some fun things oriented to the spooky holiday. Players can purchase limited edition Halloween-themed items including animated tombstones, invisibility-granting bat-bombs, skull and witch hats along with many other collectibles. Not able to take part in the festive no worries the event will run until November 14th.

Since the Halloween festivities will only be running for a limited time, Red 5 has extended its offer of immediate beta access for founding members, giving everyone a chance to join:

Red 5 Studios™ today announced that Firefall’s Halloween festivities have begun. The Tribe is treating fans to a “Night of the Melding” Halloween celebration complete with spooky collectibles and a new Warpaint system for some devilish customization. In addition, Red 5 has released two creepy Halloween-themed short films for gamers to enjoy.

Reach your hand a bit further into Red 5′s candy bowl no worries a hand will not be there to grab you. Reaching deeper you will find a plethora of fun videos awaiting. Filled with all the goodies you would expect from the rich block in town not those bite sized candy bars. Vampires, pumpkins and tricks oh my a Halloween treat to visually please your eyes.

In “So Pretty”, a Twilight fan finds that vampires aren’t so sparkly after all. In “The Green Ruby Pumpkin”, enter a surreal Halloween tale featuring stunning visual FX and animation. Both films can be found at the official Stage 5 TV channel:

8840 Wilshire Blvd.,
Third Floor,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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