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Undead Empire: Hellfire [XBLIG] Review

Posted on February 25, 2013 AT 12:38pm

Undead Empire: Hellfire is the sequel to BigRookGames hit Undead Empire. I unfortunately never played the first Undead Empire game so I can not relate the two. Undead Empire: Hellfire is a top down dual stick shooter with zombies. Though nothing new is implemented into the zombie genre the game does well to making it enjoyable. Offered up for players are stockpiles of weapons to help fight off hordes of zombies. You can go it alone or jump in with a few friends.

Story is something that was lacking, though present, it did not play an integral part in the game. To sum it up a crazy mad scientist Dr. Hubert Von Scythe wants to rule the world. What is the best solution for this? Zombies of course. Now it is your turn to stop the zombies from taking over the world. Story is mostly told through bubbles and characters. Though lacking it is a fun way to advance the story.

When it comes to game-play think of a top down Left4Dead style game. Using both of your Joysticks to control your character and gun movement. Whether playing in single player or co-op your goal is to annihilate the zombie menaces. When selecting your character each has a unique set of abilities that will help you defeat the rise of the dead. Weapons vary each offering up different play styles from ranged to closer combat.

Don’t come in expecting next gen graphics with realistic blood and explosions. Think back to an era where graphics were simple but game-play was fun. Undead has a felling more of an 8 to 16 bit graphics game but it works well. You may not find yourself blown away by stunning graphics but the corny factor makes it fun. Sounds work well with the game right from the menu and through out the game. When first starting you are met with a metal type track that gets you pumped for action. Immersing you into the game the actual soundtrack smooths over the overall game making it enjoyable. Music fits the levels nicely and does not overbear the actual action.

Sadly like many of the Indie and Arcade games this one will suffer one fate. Replay value is low so a lasting appeal is pretty much dead on arrival. Don’t let the fact that there is no replay value be a hinderance in purchasing. One nice thing that may keep some coming back is the never ending waves of dead. You may findyourself picking it up for a quick 4 player co-op with friends once in a great while. Though it will suffer the fate at some point in being that space saving game you need to delete.


Though not a deep and engrossing experience Undead Empire: Hellfire is exactly what it claims to be. Like a cheap date it is fun for the ride but not a long term love. Ringing up for only a dollar you won’t be disappointed in what is offered. Give it a try the most you will lose is a day worth of coffee or a hamburger you fatty.

Score: 7/10

  • The Good: Co-Op, Cheap, Fun
  • The Bad: Not Much Depth
  • The Ugly: N/A


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