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Update 7.4 for World of Tanks Presents New Game Modes, Maps and Combat Vehicles

Posted on May 23, 2012 AT 02:30pm

I seem to be talking about a lot of games that start with the word World as of late. This time, the news is about World of Tanks;’s tactical tank based MMO game. The publisher announced today the release of update 7.4 for their free-to-play game. The update introduces a wide range of new features to the already loaded game, key to the update is the release of two new gameplay modes, a major upgrade to the French forces, new premium content vehicles, and a pair of new maps.

The new game modes were designed to be both exciting and challenging for those who prefer complicated combat assignments. Encounter Battle is a fight between the two armies over one base; not exactly my style but the next mode definitely is. Assault is an attack-defend mode where you are set in either the role of the offensively stronger attacking force or the more entrenched defending force who have to defend their area. This one looks like it could be an interesting challenge for anyone playing on the defensive team as you need to be more careful with your actions, lest you lose to overwhelming numbers.

Mike Zhivets, producer of World of Tanks project also had a bonus for those who enjoyed the French armored forces. “The fans of French armored vehicles will also be pleasantly surprised with a rich collection of long range SPGs and tank destroyers, which definitely will make the game more tactically oriented and strategically planned.”

The game’s French armory is significantly strengthened with two new armory lines. Seven French long range SPGs are being added to the game, including the Renault BS, Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX-13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51), Bat. Chatillon 155. These new tanks will allow you to bombard your enemies with tremendous force and force newcomers to think in the tactically oriented mindset of the armored corps. Also being introduced to the French are eight new French tank destroyers. The Renault FT AC, Renault UE 57, Somua Sau 40, S 35 CA, ARL V 39, AMX AC de 100, AMX AC de 120, AMX 50 Foch are capable of inducing serious damage and causing major problems for the existing vehicles in the game.

Along with the French tech tree expansion, the update presents gamers with serious reinforcements. The long anticipated new premium combat vehicles are here. Soviet made heavy tank IS 6 (tier VIII) and German Jagdtiger, also called JagdTiger mit 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 (tier VIII) will help turn the tide of any battle and allow you to crush your enemies under your armored treads.

The first of the new maps is called Widepark which invites players to fight among half ruined buildings and the park of a badly burned German town. I sense a good deal of rage on the horizon aimed at heavy tanks, as this map is ripe with cover and ambush points to quickly decimate your forces. The second map, Airfield, takes the players away to an airbase somewhere in North Africa. The location is filled with ruined temples, palm trees, and a beautiful sight of the Mediterranean. Fans of long range bombardment will have a fun time here, as the rocky landscape provides quite a few vantage points to decimate the enemy forces before they even see you.

All in all, I feel update 7.4 breathes new life into the World of Tanks game, if you haven’t already picked it up you can do so for free at

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