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US Pokemon Website Finally Updates with New Localization Info

Posted on August 9, 2013 AT 09:16am

After a month or two of waiting, the official English site has finally updated with new localization information and other details on the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y games.

  • The site mentions Mega Evolving, but only shows Mega Blaziken, Mewtwo and Lucario.
  • It is now confirmed that Mega Evolution only takes place during battle and is temporary. In other words, at the end of the battle, the Pokemon will revert to their normal forms. Mega Evolution is thus more like upgraded alternate forms, rather then full evolution, it seems.
  • Mega Evolution uses Mega Stones, which are Pokemon-specific. For instance, Blaziken requires the Blazikenite Mega Stone to Mega Evolove.
  • The Torchic distribution mentioned yesterday is now confirmed to also be available at launch for North America and Europe. Once again, this Torchic will be holding the new item Blazikenite, which is needed to evolove it into Mega Blaziken.
  • Gogoat’s pre-evo is now known as Skiddo
  • The new mouse Pokemon, Dedenne, keeps its name
  • The new bunny known as Horubii is now Bunnelby
  • Cheek Pouches is now Cheek Pouch, (probably due to character limits)
  • The new Dark type gym leader Koruni, is Korrina
  • Super Training is a new concept being introduced in X/Y. When the player isn’t battling, they can use the touch screen to play special mini-games with their Pokemon, increasing their Pokemon’s Effort Values, which, as all hardcore fans know, are what make or break stat changes at level-up.
  • EVs are now displayed in a screen called the Effort Meter, which also tell players how many more EVs a Pokemon can take, allowing players to track their stats more effectively.

James Conrad is a Pokemon fanboy, lover of the arts and is forever broke.
Tweets: @JRCnrd
Artwork: jrcnrd.artworkfolio.com
Email: jrconradATdigitalnoob.com

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