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Virtual Reality: Back to the 90s

Posted on December 4, 2012 AT 04:51pm

Virtual reality is a very intriguing concept for gamers. The idea of being totally immersed in a world that you can physically walk around in with the aid of an overly compacted headset would be incredible to some. What many forget is that in the late 90s, Nintendo released a little something known as the Virtual Boy.

This happened.

Many Nintendo fans prefer to forget it ever happened, much like the CD-i. But it did happen, and it failed miserably. Perhaps it was just ahead of its time or maybe people just didn’t like the hardware’s feel. Either way, it didn’t do well and is now an extremely rare Nintendo collector’s item.

Well the 90s were great now a little company known as Oculus VR wants to try the concept one more time with their much sleeker and easier to use Oculus Rift. It promises to be a device that let’s you “step into the game” and “be apart of history”. They are currently looking for developers and backers. Check their website for more information.

Will Oculus be able to learn from the folly of the Virtual Boy? Perhaps, the world has changde a lot from the 90s and with all the hype around stereoscopic 3D gaming these days, there just might be a place for Virtual Reality after all.

James Conrad is a Pokemon fanboy, lover of the arts and is forever broke.
Tweets: @JRCnrd

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