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Wolverine And The -Men #36 [Marvel Comics] Review

Posted on September 27, 2013 AT 08:15pm

The first half of “Battle Of The Atom” comes to a close with the end of this issue, and with it comes some very interesting (and very confusing) new shifts in the plot of this series. There are surprises, speeches, and some pretty awesome fights in this issue, all of which come to the usualX-Men  conclusion: everything is way more complicated that it would or should be.

This issue of this major crossover arc features all of the past, present and future X-Men making their appearances, with some strange new characters showing their faces as well. An all-out psychic battle also presents itself as the Stepford Cuckoos join their maternal figure Emma Frost and a very unlikely all against an incredibly powerful psychic master. Magik makes her return to the scene as well, making an as of yet unforeseen impact.

This plot does a lot of things right, as the crisp writing of Jason Aaron makes its first appearance in the “Battle Of The Atom” series. It also makes some very dangerous steps into the realms of the completely ridiculous and confusing with some of the larger plot points. The use of time-travel in the X-universe recently is being implemented to a huge degree, getting right onto the threshold of far too much. If there are any further wrinkles added to the series, this might become a huge downfall for the promising crossover.

Without spoiling things, there is a major time-traveling wrinkles added to the fold in one of the sub-plots, and along the way, it’s discovered that no one is who they say they are and no one seems to care about anything other than themselves. This is leading to what the X-Men do best: have dynamic moments together. The character development is spectacular, as always.

The art team of Giuseppe Camuncoli, Andrew Currie, Matt Milla and Edgar Delgado make this look like a great book, and keeps in the same style the last few issues of the other titles have. This is making for a clean, beautiful and vibrant series that keeps the visual continuity going from book to book.

Summary:With a confusing but promising new crossover now half over, this issue adds another nice installment into the fold from “Battle Of The Atom”. With fun art, an interesting story and a huge (though confusing) plot, this is a great addition into the series and a great installment of plot progression for the plot of this crossover.

Pros: Great art, interesting plot.

Cons: Confusing plot devices.

Grade: B

Russ Pirozek, known as "Noobcrawler" to some, is a gamer and comic book fan who sometimes gets around to writing for He's also awesome. If someone looked up "awesome" in the dictionary, his picture wouldn't be there, but that's because he's too busy being awesome to pose for a photo.

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