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Worms Revolution: Classes

Posted on July 15, 2012 AT 07:24am

There’s a new video for Worms Revolution, touted as “The Classiest Worms of All!”. The game introduces a (you guessed it!) class system and customization options. The upcoming game will feature four classes of worms: scout, soldier, scientist, and the heavy. Kelvin Aston, senior producer at Team17, explains the new classes and features of Worms Revolution.

The soldier is the default worm we’re all used to seeing, so no real change there. The scout has a longer jump range and is smaller, but will take more of a beating from other classes. Because of its size, if the scout drills into the terrain, none of the other classes are small enough to fit into that space, so it is more difficult to hit him while under cover.

The scientist will be recognized by his big head and works as a support class. With the scientist on your team, each worm on the team will get 5 health at the start of every turn the scientist takes. Be sure to keep him out of harm’s way, because he will crack like an egg if you let the other team near him.

The heavy is the tubby little addition to Worms Revolution. His slow movement speed is made more bearable by the fact that he can take a hit as well as he gives them. Beware, because he can’t make it up hills very well.

Another cool addition to Worms Revolution is the being able to see the damage done to your worms through black eyes, missing teeth, bandages, and more. The game has more hats, victory dances, forts, gravestones, and introduces trinkets.



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