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WTF Wednesday: Borderlands 2 – Hidden Pleasure Booths

Posted on January 30, 2013 AT 11:13am

This edition of WTF Wednesday brings our coverage of Borderlands 2 to a close….for now (there’s so much crazy stuff in this game I could probably cover it for the next year or so).  This Easter egg shows up early in the game and I’m sure quite a few people passed it up the first time without realizing it.

As players progress through the story there will be a mission where Claptrap heads out to fight Captain Flynt (he actually wants his Vault Hunter minion to do all the fighting, but bear with me here……on a side note, is Claptrap really a he?  It is just a robot and former interplanetary ninja assassin, but I do find it strange that I automatically assigned a gender to the little tin can).  There’s a point in the mission where the player finally makes their way to Captain Flynt’s ship The Soaring Dragon and needs to activate a lift for Claptrap.  Just before heading up the final ramp leading to the switch, players are ambushed by a group of marauders.

Have you ever peered into the storage crates all those marauders popped out of?  If you did you’d find the hidden fapping booths for all those sex deprived sailors.  There’s an S&M booth, a furry booth, and even a booth filled with provocative posters of Madd Moxxi (speaking of Madd Moxxi….ever notice how few female characters there are in Borderlands? Moxxi, Tina, the three sirens, Ellie, Motor Momma, and the Sheriff are the only ones I’ve noticed.  Even Gaige and Captain Scarlett are only available as DLC!! Where are all the crazy ladies that birthed these Psycho Midgets and Goliaths?!!?  Whoops….looks like I have some social commentary seeping into my comedic feature).

Check out my walkthrough video below to see the humor and debauchery you may have originally missed.

(P.S……..Ever notice how my little asides end up being longer than some of my paragraphs?  It’s like I have a lot to say or something….)

James is a complete gaming geek that moonlights as a guitar player for local Miami rock band phoenix/NEBULIN. When he's not rocking out onstage he can be found on PSN and Xbox Live as Anxiety83. You can also follow James on Twitter @anxiety83

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