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WTF Wednesday: Oh Noes!! 1 and 2 [XBLIG]

Posted on December 5, 2012 AT 11:00am

This week’s edition of WTF Wednesday is a double header.  We’ll be taking a look at the suitably zany and over the top gameplay of the Oh Noes!! series.  They may be reminiscent of side scrolling 2D shooters like R-Type, but that is where the commonalities stop dead in their tracks.

In Oh Noes!!1, players take on the role of a giant, raging chicken that shoots friggin’ laser beams out of it’s eyes.  From the opening disclaimer, I knew I was in for a treat.

“This game does not contain zombies, avatars or massaging.  Instead it features quite a bit of blood and a somewhat pissed off chicken with laser eyes that has decided to vent its rage on society.” (Any references to previous games featured on WTF Wednesday are purely coincidental…….actually, no.  I totally planned this with my awesome powers of foresight and planning! HA!!!)

Gameplay is simple.  Walk right and use the right stick to aim your deadly eye laser bolts at the helpless humans and weak military forces while a vaudevillian piano score accompanies your path of destruction.  The path of destruction is filled with anger and our anti-hero chicken can release that anger by going into Blood Lust which makes chicken’s deadly attacks even deadlier.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so prepare to be blown away by the 7,344,000 word description of Oh Noes!!1 contained in the clip below. (306 seconds * 24 frames per second * 1000 words per frame = A whole bunch more words than your mind is prepared for!)

Are you still able to comprehend reality after witnessing the absurd awesomeness that was Oh Noes!!1 ?  Well prepare to have your mind blown again because Executive Iguana Studios saw fit to grace Xbox Live Indie Games with a sequel.  Enter On Noes!!2: Attack of the Space Burger!

This time beef takes center stage over poultry as players take control of a giant flying space cheeseburger with deadly laser eyes.  Blood Lust is built in Oh Noes!!2 by abducting humans and using them as a human shield (I’m not even sure if this is a pun or not) or spewing out the bodies of all abducted humans in a confusingly effective super attack.

“Warning: This game contains no mining, no crafting, and no crafting of things with other things of which you have mined.”

It’s true, there was no crafting or mining or crafting of things of which……you get the point.  As the giant chicken and flying cheeseburger conclude their respective campaigns of rage and revenge only one question remains to be asked of Executive Iguana Studios….WTF?

As always, if there are any games you would like to see featured in a future edition of WTF Wednesday, hit me up on twitter @anxiety83.

James is a complete gaming geek that moonlights as a guitar player for local Miami rock band phoenix/NEBULIN. When he's not rocking out onstage he can be found on PSN and Xbox Live as Anxiety83. You can also follow James on Twitter @anxiety83

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