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ZombiU Gameplay Footage

Posted on July 16, 2012 AT 11:14am

Originally I had some doubts about the Wii U’s premier launch title. It looked clunky in its usage of the Wii U gamepad and could have been a good game if not for its unnecessary features. Now though, those doubts I had have taken a bullet to the head with the release of some new gameplay videos.

The first video shows off the nursery location in the game, an area that from the looks of things is set to keep us all on the edge of our seats and bring out the paranoid in us.

The second video shows off one of the outdoor locations and the appropriate way to use a cricket bat during a zombie apocalypse.

I definitely like what I’m seeing of Ubisoft’s new zombie survival game. The over emphasis on the gamepad that we saw at E3 is gone, replaced with more straight-forward gameplay. When it is used, the transition is smooth and lacking the whole “look at the gamepad” screen we had earlier.

The more I see of Zombie U the more it reminds me of the Dark Souls style of challenging environments. Just as in Dark Souls, the ambushes and enemies can all be noticed and prepared for if you pay attention. For example, in the Nursery level when the zombie popped out of the closet there were bloody footprints leading into it, if the player notices that then he can probably figure out there is someone in there. This also shows in the times when you need to use the gamepad for inventory and manipulating the environment. Now that the “look at the gamepad” screen is gone, the main screen takes on a third person perspective of your character from an angle that covers most of the ways you can be attacked from. This forces you to be constantly aware of your surroundings in the game unless you want to have your face bitten off by a zombie.

All in all I’m a lot more optimistic about this title than I was earlier this year.

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