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Release Date: February 10, 2011

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Genre: Strategy
Developer / Co-Developer: Realmforge
Dungeons is a unique single player simulation / strategy game for PC that places players in the unlikely role of a "Dungeon Lord" who instead of fearing an onslaught of heroes to his lair, relishes it. Utilizing hundreds of unique items, create the perfect dungeons that will drawn in a variety of different invading heroes with the aim of cultivating their essence which can then be harvested and used to fuel your larger goals. Additional features include: nearly 20 monsters at your beck and call, as well nearly 10 hero types, 17 missions and a free-play Sandbox game mode.


Dungeons follows the misadventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lords, who spends his time luring heroes into his labyrinthine creations with the promise of treasure and a good fight - only to be trapped by his ingenious devices. Once they are in his grasp, our Dungeon Lord must look after and cherish his new prisoners until they are more comfortable with their surroundings because come the "harvest," happy heroes have more precious Soul Energy for you to gleefully extract via twisted torture chambers. Yet our protagonist falls victim to a devious plot hatched by his vile, nasty and thoroughly vicious ex-girlfriend and finds himself at the bottom of the underworld hierarchy and the top of the dungeon, pile which in this world is about as bad as it can get. Our Lord must have his revenge, and make his way back down the dungeon levels to his rightful place - but first he must deal with his new bosses, the three despicable Dungeon Lords who stand in his way.


Dungeons is a single player simulation / strategy game. Gameplay focus is divided between ongoing construction and upkeep of the ultimate dungeon, while simultaneously plotting revenge against your evil ex-girlfriend and new bosses. Players utilize nearly 20 types of monsters and have access to an army of dimwitted goblin minions who dig tunnels and build rooms in order to lay out a lair to trap ever stronger and braver heroes who dare to enter. Keeping heroes occupied and fulfilled by dungeons in ways that fit their character builds "Soul Energy" within them, which will eventually be harvested, furthering your aims. Nearly 300 unique objects are available for use in dungeons created, which will be visited by up to 10 types of heroes. Constantly attempting to interfere in this, the Dungeon Lord's ex-girlfriend will bombard him with useless tasks. The Dungeon Lord must deal with interference as effectively as possible in order to regain prominence. It goes without saying that a malicious and sneaky creature such as our Dungeon Lord has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

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