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ANIME NEWS | Crunchyroll Now Available On PS3 (Plus Five Anime Recommendations)

Posted on July 31, 2012 AT 03:24pm

The wait is finally over. Today PS3 owners in North America can download the Crunchyroll App through the PlayStation Store, giving you access to hundreds of titles to choose from. Anime fans will also be able to enjoy the latest Anime shows with subtitles within hours of Japan TV broadcast, including hits like NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, PRINCE OF TENNIS, and HUNTER X HUNTER. Those without a premium account for Crunchyroll can give it a whirl via a special 30-day free trial for PS3 users who download the application from PlayStation®Network.

With many titles to choose from, it’d be quite difficult to find a good start-off point in the anime realm. As a way of offering a helping hand, here are five must-watch anime series you can check out now on Crunchyroll:

Hayate The Combat Butler

Not only is Hayate the Combat Butler one of the funniest anime series out there, but it’s also on par with many of the greatest British sitcoms. The story focuses on a young teen whose debt-crazy parents offer him to the yakuza in exchange for 150,000,000 yen, only to be rescued by a young rich girl after a failed kidnapping attempt. Soon his life becomes anything but boring, with robot battles, crazed people who want to put him in women’s clothing, more kidnapping attempts, butler competitions, and much much more. Add on the fact that the visual and background humor is as funny as the parodies and punchlines thrown around this show, not to mention a sarcastic narrator (Norio Wakamoto) that can run circles around Morgan Freeman any day of the week, and you’ve got yourself one of the most entertaining anime series in recent memories. Be sure to catch up on the first two seasons before the third one premieres later this year.


Missed its initial run on [adult swim]? Crunchyroll’s got you’re dullahan cravings with the original Japanese version of this instantly-classic show. Following the various stories of the young folks living in Ikebukuro, Durarara!! showcased how to properly pull a Pulp Fiction of sorts when it comes to telling various tales around a small area of Tokyo. With the main focus on a gang known as the Dollars, the mysteries behind its leader and members added onto the intrigue of the program, and that’s without throwing in the headless motorcyclist with the cat-eared helmet. Durarara!! is not just immensely fun to watch, but it so beautifully animated that you’ll want to take a trip to Ikebukuro in a flash to check out the bright lights and vibe yourself. With a great mixture of drama, action, and humor, Durarara!! has just about something for everyone to enjoy.


Just mentioning the fact it was created by Marvel legend Stan Lee should get anyone watching this series, but there’s more to the show than just who thought it up. Produced by BONES (Eureka Seven, Soul Eater) HEROMAN follows young orphaned Joey, who discovers a popular toy left by the wayside after being broken by a school bully. After fixing it up himself, a bolt of lightning comes crashing down, transforming the toy into a massive robot that is now used to save the world to defeat an evil alien race known as the Skrugg. With beautifully imagery, a solid robot tale, a great soundtrack co-composed by the rocking duo known as Metalchicks, and even the creator’s cameo here and there, HEROMAN is one action series not to be missed. It’s America’s take on giant robot anime, and Japan’s take on doing an American superhero tale, and it blends wonderfully together.

The World God Only Knows

A dating-sim addict chosen to help save the world? Yes, it sounds like one of the dumbest ideas to be concocted, but in reality The World God Only Knows is one of the strongest-written comedic dramas so far this decade. Following Keima, a young student who doesn’t care much about the real world, the series has the protagonist forced to help a young adorable demon named Elsie gather rogue demons that have enclosed themselves into the hearts of some of the young girls around Japan. In order to purge the evil out, Keima must (you guessed it!) date the girls and lift up their spirits in various ways. The plotlines are cleverly done, and the outcome of these adventures are wonderfully put together. Add a dash of some great humor from the bumbling Elsie (whether it’d be a visual gag or a line she spouts out that will make you do a double-take) and some bright visuals, and you’ve got a great anime series that shouldn’t be judged by its cover.

Bodacious Space Pirates

Don’t lie: you rolled your eyes just reading the title, didn’t you? Another example of overlooking a niche aspect, Bodacious Space Pirates takes a high school girl’s life and turns it upside-down. Young Marika discovers that her deceased father was a legal Space Pirate, and is now told she must take control of his ship the Bentenmaru in order for it to continue legal operation. With the help of her new friend Chiaki, her fellow Space Yacht Club members, and the crew of the Bentenmaru Marika overcomes the odds-and-ends of space battles, leadership, and the ways of being a legal pirate. Despite it being a show featuring a nearly all-girl cast, there is more focused on character growth and strong plots than fan-service overkill, a nice change considering a lot of the bad anime series of recent memory that does the opposite. It’s one entertaining anime, even with its occasional technical space jargon. Oh, and did I mention the opening theme features former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman?

For these and other streaming anime series, be sure to check out the Crunchyroll PS3 app, or visit the official website!

An accomplished music, anime, and video game critic, Evan Bourgault has been a Contributing Editor and Podcast host with ElectricSistaHood since 2008. His passion for discovering new bands, developers, and Japanese pop culture began in his college radio days and continues on today. Follow Evan on Twitter at

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