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BOSTON FIG 2013 | Shouting Matches Ensue In Your Own “Spaceteam”

Posted on September 18, 2013 AT 06:00am

In-room mobile multiplayer experiences don’t happen as often as one would like, especially ones that lead to exciting screaming matches. Sleeping Beast Games, founded by ex-BioWare programmer Henry Smith, has created one such game that not only brings loads of excitement in your living room via smartphones & tablets, but possibly a great mainstay for drinking parties. Get your vocal chords ready, because Spaceteam will have you screaming expletives joyfully.

In Spaceteam 2-4 players have to work together in order to keep their ship from exploding. In order to achieve this, each player needs to shout out commands to the others so they can perform their duties. As each of your screens will show a different series of panels this shouting is indeed necessary, especially when it comes to having to multitask. These commands can range from raising and lowering the Newtonian Photomist and turning on the Radioslime to pushing the Regretting Decisions button and other humorous jokes. These commands tend to get harder when the words are replaced with hard-to-describe pictures. Sometimes you’ll also have to avoid meteors via spinning your device upside-down, or shaking it to survive hyperspace.

I won’t lie when I say it was difficult playing Spaceteam at a loud convention, as hearing your other players is a necessity to win each round of the game. However despite this hinderance we were all laughing it up as we did everything we could to keep our ship from falling apart. We lasted up to the tenth round, after avoiding meteors and dealing with our panels falling apart before our very eyes.

Spaceteam is the type of game that will be a hit at parties, fitting in nicely with even the likes of Cards Against Humanity. You can currently download the game for free for your iOS in iTunes and Android devices via the Google Play store, with add-ons costing $0.99 a piece. Trust me when I say that there won’t be a dry eye in the room when Spaceteam happens, whether you are playing it or just spectating.

An accomplished music, anime, and video game critic, Evan Bourgault has been a Contributing Editor and Podcast host with ElectricSistaHood since 2008. His passion for discovering new bands, developers, and Japanese pop culture began in his college radio days and continues on today. Follow Evan on Twitter at twitter.com/King_Baby_Duck

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