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Control Bladders with Men’s Room Mayhem

Posted on May 23, 2013 AT 07:45am

Have you ever found yourself wanting desperately to direct traffic in several pubic men’s restrooms? No? Well, you can do it anyway in one of the newest releases on the Vita. Men’s Room Mayhem takes a page from the book of games like Diner Dash and Flight Control and tasks you with running a clean and safe restroom. The action gets hectic really quickly and they’ve included enough hooks to make it a fun and satisfying experience for a very low asking price.

The game starts you off in a very small bathroom that only has three urinals and one stall. Draw a path to the places your patrons need to go with your finger. The main objective is to get patrons in and out without incident. What sorts of incidents you ask? I think you know what one of them can be. If a person doesn’t get to their urinal or stall soon enough, you may have a mess on your hands. As well, if any two customers bump into each other, they get into a fist fight and leave a pool of blood on the floor. Get more than five messes in your bathroom and the game is over. At the end of each round, you’re able to scrub away all the messes by rubbing the screen and then earn bonus points for cleaning the sinks and toilets.

Each game you play, they also give you various objectives that involve playing the game in very specific ways. Sometimes you might need to serve a specific number of people and make sure they wash their hands. Other times, you might need to make sure no one gets in a fight for a certain amount of rounds. As you complete these objectives you earn medals and, more importantly, new bathrooms. Each new bathroom also comes with its own special patron like the drunk, who has a varied movement speed, or the woman, who makes any man she gets close to stop moving.

The little touches like people leaving behind footsteps when they walk through various puddles adds some additional hilarity. The game itself is a ton of fun to play in short bursts similar to games like Flight Control. The objectives keep the game interesting each time so that you can focus on completing those specific tasks. The game also includes a Blitz Mode where it inundates you with customers for one round. This is my favorite mode to jump into if I just want to play a quick game as in the main game I can usually make it about ten waves before it starts to get too tricky.

When I’m powering through objectives, I wish it were a little easier to get my game over, or that I could get a new set of objectives each wave. Purposely losing is a little bit tougher than I would like, especially in the earlier waves. The art style and soundtrack of the game really support the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor this game pulls off. With a maximum price tag of $1.99, lower if you have PlayStation Plus, this is one game you shouldn’t let slip by if you own a Vita.

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