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Defend your BBQ in “Go Home Dinosaurs”

Posted on September 22, 2012 AT 10:14am

The Boston Festival Indie Games has been in full effect for about two hours and one of the cutest games to catch my eye comes from Firehose Games.

Picnics are great for relaxation, spending time with your gopher brethren, eating delicious food and–dinosaur invasions?! In “Go Home Dinosaurs” rain isn’t the threat you face. If you want lunch you must strategically defend it from the colorful onslaught of many hungry dinosaurs.

If you are thinking this game would be all “Roar” with no “Rawr” (because that totally makes sense) then you are sadly mistaken. The player takes on the role of the lead gopher who is tasked with savaging for coconuts to afford an arsenal powerful enough to take out the hungry hungry dinos. These specialized gopher troops deal out damage in several familiar ways, if you remember your elementary school days. They range from a freeze ray, all the way to the mighty meteor.

And we all know what happened the last time meteors and dinosaurs mixed.

To add an element of strategy to this already infectiously adorable game, nostalgia presents itself in the form of “Tetris”-esque spaces. These designated spaces will determine where on the map your gopher minions CAN go. Be prepared to think– and think fast.

The Go Home Dinosaurs beta is available free to play on the Google Chrome Web Store. It is family friendly and is enjoyable for all the masses.

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