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Don’t Be a Baby, Kickstart Among the Sleep

Posted on May 8, 2013 AT 04:19pm

Many would agree that one of the most neglected and misrepresented genres out there in video games nowadays is horror. Most of the established horror series, Resident Evil and Silent Hill for example, have evolved through the years to incorporate action-based gameplay. Recently, a trend has emerged in the games that have been successful with scaring the pants off their players. Stripping players of all the power they usually have in games like that leaves you feeling unnerved and exposed. First-person horror adventure game Among the Sleep looks to do just that by putting you in the shoes of a toddler.

Developed by the fine folks over at Krillbite Studio, Among the Sleep is shaping up nice to be the next reason I need to game with a fresh pair of underwear on hand. Much in the same vain as games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Eight Pages, this title provides you with little to defend yourself against the the terrors that await you. Instead, you are tasked with finding ways to hide from danger until an area is safe to pass through. Focusing on mainly exploration and atmosphere, you’re put in the shoes of a two-year-old who has recently gone to bed, when strange things start to happen in the world.

Most of the current gameplay revolves around manipulating objects in the world and exploring the varied environments. Krillbite has mentioned they’d consider adding some puzzles as well down the line, but that atmosphere and storytelling are their main goals. In a horror game, these aspects are the most important, especially when dealing with trying to scare the bejesus out of you.

The thing that has me most excited about it is the perspective. Seeing this world through the eyes of a toddler not only adds to the feeling of helplessness necessary for a scary adventure, but is sure to bring back memories of experiencing the world this way when I was young. Growing up, there was nothing quite as frightening as having a nightmare and then having to face my cold dark room after awakening.

Pair all that with their promise of including support for Oculus Rift if they hit a certain goal in their Kickstarter campaign and you’ve got one scary game. Check out their page on Kickstarter, the trailer below and the game when it launches this holiday season.

Among the Sleep Kickstarter Page

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