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E3 2012 | Jet Set Radio Goes Portable and HD

Posted on June 14, 2012 AT 05:38pm

All of us have video game systems that we remember fondly.  One of the most beloved consoles from my past is the Sega Dreamcast.  There are so many great memories to relive from the Dreamcast’s lifetime, it’s hard to recount them all.  Soloing Phantasy Star Online because I couldn’t get the internet to work, exploring the expansive and living world of Shenmue, playing Power Stone with friends until 2am and wondering what in the world I’m doing as I talk to a fake fish in Seaman are all experiences I treasure.  Slowly but surely, each of those memories are making a return and at E3, I got a chance to relive one of my favorites on the PS Vita.


One of the most iconic Dreamcast games, Jet Set Radio, has been long overdue for an HD release.  Praised in its time for the excellent use of cel-shaded graphics, this graffiti-spraying skating game, coming to HD this summer, is looking great.  Seeing it on the Vita, I can tell you that the already great graphics have gotten a new coat of paint, pun intended.  The textures are clean and the characters and environments have been smoothed out to make this great-looking game even better.

The demo they had at the show had me playing through the bus terminal in Shibuya-cho.  After picking Beat and jumping straight in, I found myself a bit out of practice.  After being shot several times by Captain Onishima, I began to get my skate-legs back and really get into it.  The controls feel much like they do in the original Dreamcast version with one very welcomed difference; I was delighted to see that the camera controls have been greatly improved for this version.  I was a little surprised however, that the Vita version, at least in the demo I played, did not have any touch-based controls.  For a game that would be so well-suited to them, it would have been nice to at least have the option.

For those concerned most with the amazing soundtrack for the title, it’s been confirmed that the game will feature the worldwide soundtrack.  If that’s not enough to make you jump up and down clapping like a maniac, then you might want to check your pulse.  While this game is also coming for PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam, I’m most excited about the Vita version, because Jet Set Radio is the perfect classic Dreamcast title to pick up and play while you’re on the go.  Check out the video below and look for the game to hit this summer.



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