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E3 2012: ‘Watch Dogs’ is a New IP to Watch Out For

Posted on June 5, 2012 AT 07:18pm

What if Grand Theft Auto got its hands on future tech? Welcome to Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs isn’t just reminiscent of the urban chaos of the GTA games, but also the smooth hacking skills of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Watch Dogs takes place in a world where man is not exactly bonded to machine, but everyone carries around mobile technology. It’s not so far-fetched considering the iWorld we’re living in right now.

Later in the trailer, I feel vibes of Assassin’s Creed, where you can tell the difference between bystander and enemy. Our protagonist (by the end he doesn’t feel like much of a hero), Aiden Peirce, can hack into anyone’s phones and learn their histories, intimate details only a few know. It’s a tool that proves helpful if you’re interested in killing a target– or you’re looking to escape unharmed.

With the stylish graphical interface also comes some substance. During this gameplay trailer, we meet a cohort of Aiden, and get some insight on what Peirce’s whole MO is. Whoever the other guy is, I hope he appears more in the game, because he’s good as a bit of comic relief.

Aiden Pierce's contact

In the last third of the trailer, we learn that Aiden Pierce’s hacking tricks don’t just end at scanning cell phones. This is where Watch Dogs leaves Grand Theft Auto behind; why put yourself directly into the middle of things to create chaos when you can orchestrate it?

creating an accident

All this is what Watch Dogs brings to the table. It has suspense, action, stealth elements and futuristic tools that give your character a distinct edge. Barring a cancellation, I don’t see how Watch Dogs can lose on its way to release.

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