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E3 2013 | No Objections To Dual Destinies

Posted on June 12, 2013 AT 09:42am

Ever since they first released the Japanese trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies I’ve been feverishly hoping it comes to the states. My wish was granted and I just finished playing the English-language demo for the game on the E3 show floor. With the jump from DS to 3DS, the game comes with a number of enhancements that makes the move feel worthwhile while maintaining the feel of the series that makes Phoenix Wright feel fun and quirky.

The demo features the beginning of Phoenix Wright’s return to his practice. Since we last saw the legendary defense attorney, he’s gotten a few new colleagues to join his law practice. Athena Cykes, a new character to the series, and Apollo Justice have joined Wright’s practice. After an explosion in one of the courtrooms, Phoenix is tasked with defending Athena’s childhood friend Juniper Woods from being convicted as the bomber.

For any wondering about the bandages seen on Apollo Justice in the screenshots released thus far, he went to the rescue of Juniper during the aftermath of the explosion. Whether this implies a romantic relationship between the two characters has not yet been revealed, but I could definitely feel like there was something there.

The graphical upgrades the series has gotten from moving up to the 3DS do a lot for the game. Whenever you’re chatting with someone, the movements they make are able to be done with a lot more fluidity which really brings them to life. In addition to the depth of the characters, camera pans are also now implemented to further add to the drama of every moment. The thing that worried me about the graphical improvements was the possibility that it may make the game feel less like a real Phoenix Wright game. Those fears were put to bed instantly, because the game still had the same style and feel you might expect from the series.

With each new game in the Phoenix Wright series, they add a little something new in the cross-examinations to shake things up. Dual Destinies is no exception to this rule with the special ability of new cast-member Athena. She has an amazing hearing sense and can pinpoint people’s mood just from hearing their testimony. This comes into play with the game through a new type of cross-examination where you try to spot emotions that don’t belong. When a piece of testimony doesn’t match up, you can press “pinpoint” on the touch screen to elicit a new set to help you along. This new mechanic is a lot of fun and gives you a new way to look at the testimony in the game. The rest of the gameplay is similar enough the the older titles that it all felt very natural just picking it up and playing.

Even with the short and sweet taste I got of Dual Destinies, I can easily tell that it’s going to be another hit in the Phoenix Wright series. In a series driven by character development, this game has a lot going for it and I can’t wait to get sucked into the story this installment has to offer. Look for it as a digital download on the 3DS this Fall.

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