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E3 2013 | Quantic Dream Goes Beyond My Expectations Again

Posted on June 12, 2013 AT 02:25pm

To this day, some of the most beautiful and thrilling games available out there for Sony platforms have been put together by one team: Quantic Dream. Their latest game, Beyond: Two Souls takes what they’ve learned from previous titles, like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophesy, and builds upon those ideas in meaningful ways. Putting the player into more intense action, the demo at the E3 booth drops you right into the game for a taste of what Quantic Dream is bringing to the table this time around.

The game puts you in the role of Jodie Holmes a young woman who is the only one who can communicate with a supernatural entity named Aiden. Little is known about the origins of Aiden just yet, aside from the fact that Jodie has been able to communicate with it from a very young age. In the game, you can switch between Jodie and Aiden at will and use Aiden’s supernatural powers to dispatch of enemies or possess them. What this implies is that Aiden and Jodie, while able to communicate, are not one and the same.

The demo itself has Jodie and an adorable little boy named Salim struggling to make it through a town in a middle-eastern setting. You start out as Salim and Jodie are pinned behind some cover and Jodie asks Aiden to help them out. You can then take control of the ghostly presence, by pressing the triangle button, and set out to take care of the situation.

Aiden has three main move that they can use to take care of enemies. When you’ve targeted some, indicated by a blue-sphere on their body, you can do any of the abilities using the analog sticks: holding them down and then releasing emits a blast of energy which can incapacitate enemies or destroy cover; moving them together chokes them to death; and holding them outward lets you posses an enemy which can then dispatch others around them via quick-time events.

You’re not only handling enemies using Aiden, because Jodie herself has some pretty badass moves. Whenever she is faced with a direct encounter, the camera will slow down during the combat and to successfully complete what Jodie is doing you need to tilt the right analog stick in the direction she’s moving. This control definitely keeps it fairly simple, but it’s not always completely clear what direction the game is looking for. Luckily, one miss does not equal death. This gives you a feeling of really being a part of the action, because in a real fight, not every punch you throw is going to connect and it keeps the fighting interesting and dynamic.

After dispatching all the enemies, Aiden posses an enemy soldier and starts driving through the city. After stopping at a military checkpoint, when it starts to go south, Aiden makes the possessed soldier slam on the accelerator and starts a high-speed chase with Jodie fighting soldiers on top of the moving truck.

Needless to say about a game from Quantic Dream, the visuals are breathtaking. The details they’re able to pull off, especially on the characters faces, really help to draw you into world. The sandy environments of the demo looked great as well, really showing off the full power of the console in it’s twilight year.

Beyond: Two Souls is a perfect example of what Quantic Dream always does so well. They’re taking the ideas they’ve mastered with their previous attempt and evolving them, taking risks all the while. The controls are simple and intuitive, in fact I only used the R and L buttons, triangle and the analog sticks during the demo. What they’ve done here is simplified the experience so that all you have to think about while playing is being immersed in the great story and amazing visuals. Look for Beyond: Two Souls on the PS3 when it comes out October 8th.


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